The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage

Album: A Fever You Can't Sweat Out (2005)
Charted: 77


  • The title is a quote from the Chuck Palahniuk novel Survivor. Panic At The Disco are huge fans of him. >>
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    Josh - so cal, CA
  • This song is about how kids today are being raised under high expectations that create pressure and make them uptight, and it's saying that we all just need to chill out and let go. We don't understand the simpler things of life, and we just need to relax. >>
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    Haley - Milford, DE

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  • Alyssa from Do I Have To?, MiI think everyone is overlooking the meaning behind this song. Sure, you could take it to mean that Panic is telling us to relax or to mock artists, but it is the first song in A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. This makes the "I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue" part make sense. It's an introduction to the rest of the album, promising to play enjoyable music if you choose to listen. They also, in the second verse, prove themselves to be different than other artists, and that's why this music is so catchy, because it is a unique and fun style.
  • Liz from Hollywood/clermont , FlI love P!ATD. And at the moment I'm too lazy to interpret...I guess "swear to shake it up if u swear to listen" means that they(not as in patd but general artists that "aren't who u think") see no point in doing anything extavagent or exciting unless ppl are watching them. Idk. Hehe! :3
    Lol I just love Panic! Coz of their awesome lyrics and sound(that reminds me of like 1920s kinda stuff idk y tho..) I can very well sing to their songs. :D
  • Vivel from Killian, LaHey! Seriously! What is up here? Okay:
    1) Z, you're right about not needing to know automatically the relationship between title and lyrics.
    2) Dani, stop being such a b----.
    3) Galina is just fine not knowing how the title connects with the song's meaning. Hell, anyone who looks at the back of the album while listening to the songs will be scratching their head, like "what are they talking about?"

    Now everyone CHILLAX.
  • Anna from Hopatcong, Njit is a cool upbeat song
  • Randi from Culpeper Killed Superman, VaThe press lies so we'll pay attention. They twist and change everything so we dont know the truth (it seems the artists these days are not who you think) This song is pretty easy to undertand. Celebrities are so troubled with all their problems and suffering (NOT!) that when they kill themselves its like theyre a martyr.
  • Marie from Chicago, IlI think this song is about how the media kinda controls ppls lives. I, (the artist) aim to be your eyes.
    he's the narrator. the narrator is the only one in a story that gives their opinion.
    the artist is telling everyone about life. its the same way a newspaper acts as one's "eyes." we wouldnt know how to view the world if it werent for them. some artists tell a bad side of the story but the media loves them so they shove the bad stuff to the back and ppl lose interest.
    I think this does act as sort of the prologue to the album. panic is very opinionated and wants to share their strong view of the world. they'll shake it up, a in be controversial, if we listen.
  • Z from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, WaAnyway, I think the song is about idolizing people, then when they kill themselves people go insane. I think that the title does relate to the song just a bit. I've always felt like the 'press coverage' bit was reflected throughout the song (Applause, Applause no wait, wait. To the studio audiece I've an anouncement to make. It seems the artists these days are not who they seem, so we'll pick back up on that on another page (the narrator, prolouge etc.))
  • Z from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, WaDani, a lot of people love songs yet don't know the meaning! The reason people go to this site is so that that can FIND OUT FROM OTHER PEOPLE WHAT THE BLOODY SONG IS ABOUT!!! (Yes, I'm American, and I use the word 'bloody' like a Brit. Deal with it) your opinion of the song may not be right. Mine might not be right either. I don't bloody care, because this is a great song and I thank all of the people who kindly post their opinions. But I've never read the book so I don't know what the heck you are talking about, really...
  • Ali from Wine, Cawho DOES find similarity between the song title and the song?

    normally you have to do a lot of background checks and go to websited like this if you do.
  • Christy from St.marys, CanadaProbley just saying when a celebrity dies or does something stupid theres WAY to much coverage.Example: Paris Hilton in jail.Some people really dont care about the spoiled rich girl.
  • Dani from I Am, Hungarythe title actually has a very significant relation to the lycis of the song.

    "because after all, the only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage."

    ^ this is a quote from a book written by chuck palahniuk, called survivor.

    the book is about a man who is from a religious cult. the religious cult all died because they commited suicide, but he is the only one from his cult still alive. he then turns into a huge religious icon and is a superstar.

    the lyrics of this song are mocking all of the iconic superstars today who are famous, but don't deserve to be.

    carly is right as far as interpretation goes. lohla is an idiot. and galina is retarded. so there you have it...

    and anyone who likes a song, yet dosn't know what it is ridiculosuly pathetic.
  • Rachelle from Singapore, United StatesI love this song so much! It helped me nail my audition in my school's musical. Though i can find no relation between the song and the title it's still awesome. GO PANIC!
  • Alex from New York, NyThe title seems to imply that it wont be worth killing yourself if your death goes unnoticed so suicide should be for a cause or not at all.
  • Adora from Charleston, ScI finnaly found it! I thought the song said "swirl shake it up" and the only reason i fund it because of this site does a ersion of what they think the song is saying. I always knew that it was by panic! at the disco, it's just that the title doesn't quote the song, but i found it! i love this song.
  • Lohla from New York, Nygalina there isn't supposed to be any relation between the title and the song. at all. haha.
  • Carly from Liverpool,uk, United StatesI think that this song refers to " artists" today and how they are perceived as icons. If you think about the deaths and suicides of famous people such as Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean etc. they have become icons- the song trie to tell you that they are not what they seem behind closed doors and panic are giving you an insight to it!!!
  • Jazmin from San Bernardino, Capanic! at the disco rocks, this song was the first one that i heard of that great band, every body loves their songs, mi sister, my dad, even mi mom!
  • Vanessa from Dallas, TxI Love this song so much it totally rocks!!
  • Jimmy from Farmington, NmThis song ROCKS! It was the 2nd Panic! At The Disco song I've ever heared and I loved it from the first note.
  • Galina from New London, CtI like this song, but I find no similarity between title & meaning of the song.
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