Never Enough

  • This song is about a depressed individual feeling overwhelmed in life: "Life's been suck out of me, this routine's killing me." The word "Routine" is used to show the repetition of day-to-day activities, yet, this person blames himself and feels that he is lost. This person feels out of place, as though they continually fall short of the mark, "Never Enough." In the second verse, he explains that when things are going right, something seems wrong and "Unnatural." Then he asks to be "Kicked in the face" to show that he is looking for something bad so that things can seem "Natural," At the same time, reiterating the fact that he feels that even the things he has, he does not feel worthy of. In the third verse he feels as though he is running around in circles, just doing the same thing. Thus, he decides to just run, but inevitably "life will knock me down." This is because he has a low opinion of himself and will never feel as though he is enough. >>
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  • D-rail from Virginia Even though this song came out in 2000 and I was somewhat going through all that then. I, 20 years later, found myself in the deepest, darkest place of my mind and felt the exact way this song explains it right down to the last lyric!! I am still going through it but listening to Papa Roach has always been my escape from my life, even though no matter what is going on in my life at the time, whatever album that has been out I’ve related to every song and lyric. I love this band. So I don’t know if this comment gets to the band or not, but I just want to say THANK YOU FOR MAKING AND CREATING SUCH GREAT MUSIC!!!
  • Robert from Lethbridge, AbDo believe this is about people taking advantage of their fame and realizing do i deserve what i've got, but there is never enough or whatever.. i believe that's what it is or at least close.
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