Album: iTunes Single (2012)


  • The idea for this song came to frontman Aswan North when he was walking around Manhattan and constantly hearing New Yorkers use the old phrase "Amen." "So I'm in a room with a writer and we get this little beat going and I get this idea," he recalled to Alternative Addiction. "I'm sitting there and I'm like 'huh, I'm hearing lots of people on this trip who keep going, amen, amen.' I thought that was weird. Were they trying to bring back old school slang? I even heard one dude say, 'that's so righteous.' They were saying all of these cool, uplifting, hopeful spiritual words that were really attached to scripture but served as slang. Amen means - if I looked it up - the definition is "let it be so, or let it be.' A new way of saying it - it is what it is - so I thought, instead I'm just going to say amen. That's a cool word in Manhattan and everybody liked it and thought I was on the right track."


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