She Is Love

Album: Losing Sleep (2009)
Charted: 66


  • The Charlottesville, Virginia, Pop/Rock act comprise Will Anderson, Johnny Stubblefield, Alex Hargrave, Kit French, and Nate McFarland. They began as Sparky's Flaw whilst a four piece at high school and after McFarland joined the band once they'd gone on to college, the quintet changed their name to Parachute. This is their lead single from their debut album Losing Sleep.
  • Anderson explained this song to StarShine Magazine: "I was interested in someone at that point so of course I was trying to figure it out… but you know, it was most just a general song. I was trying to write a very simple love song and not really trying to be clever or find a cool angle. I think it definitely reflects what I was thinking at the time, which was that I needed something that I could sing in front of a room full of girls."
    He added that the band makes it a point to sing about love, a subject that they feel everyone understands. "There's a bad side and a good side [to love] and I think that everyone experiences that. We're just trying to write songs that people can relate to and connect to in some way or another."
  • The song's exposure in a Nivea advert helped break it into the Hot 100.


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