Hate to See Your Heart Break

Album: Paramore (2013)
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  • This lilting, string-filled ballad about how love can hurt all almost feels like a Country song. It is one of the fruits of the trio's willingness to explore uncharted sonic territory on Paramore. "People obviously give Hayley credit for being an amazing singer, but I don't think they really understand how versatile she is and how much her voice can do," said guitarist Taylor York. "You really hear different sides of her on this album."
  • Paramore re-recorded the song for the deluxe version of their self-titled album. The new rendition is a duet between Hayley Williams and Joy Williams (no relation), formerly of the Civil Wars. The pair logged some studio time together at Santa Monica's Village Recorder studios to lay down the new version. Hayley Williams said the collaboration was a first for the group. "It's the first time we've ever collaborated with anyone as a band, and we're all really, really proud we were able to invite someone into Paramore's world who completely understands multiple aspects of who we are,"

    "Whether you're a Paramore fan, a Civil Wars fan, or you just like pretty songs," she continued, this one will satisfy, I swear!"
  • Joy has been a mentor of Hayley since she was 12 years old; their duet further cemented their long-standing friendship. "I love that I got to sing this with someone who I have shared my pains and my stories with for quite some time," the Paramore frontwoman told NPR. "Someone whom I know well and who I've sat and listened to as they share their own pains. It was never meant as [a] romantic song between lovers but always a song to a friend. Now it's even more special."

    "I think of it as an ode to sisterhood," she continued. "Close friendship between women who share their stories with each other and who lift each other up and understand one another."
  • Joy Williams grew up harmonizing with women, so it felt natural for her singing with Hayley. "I remember she and I talked that day in studio about how we have some similar traits in our voices," she said. "All we had to do was give into that for our harmonies to really come together."

    "The blend felt natural, very much like family," Joy added. "I think women have a mysterious way of tapping into each other if they know each other well, and I felt that."

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  • Mariana Ladeira Alves from BrasilSuch a beautiful song.
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