Feather On The Clyde

Album: All The Little Lights (2012)


  • Mike Rosenberg was the founder, main vocalist and songwriter of the four-piece folk rock group Passenger. After the breakup of the band, Rosenberg kept the Passenger name and took to busking for a solo music career One of the places he frequently played at was Glasgow, Scotland through which the River Clyde flows. He told VH1: "I've been going there for years. Playing the street, playing in pubs. It's one of those places where you get there first and it's quite rough in some ways, but the more I went there, the more I loved it. It's kind of that juxtaposition of that place — in some ways, it's quite bleak and cold, but on the other side of things, it's got this beating heart to it that's warm and kind."

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  • Peggy Wallace from Tennessee I love mikes music! And feather on the Clyde intrigues me love the sounds. But and I don’t want to sound goofy but what is a Clyde? My sons middle name is Clyde and I’m curious to know what it means to mike
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