The Back Seat of My Car

Album: Ram (1971)
Charted: 39


  • McCartney started writing this while he was still a member of The Beatles. It was his attempt at a classic American love song.
  • There were some lines in this song that John Lennon thought were directed at him and Yoko. Specifically, "We believe that we can't be wrong."

Comments: 9

  • Buddy from Branford, CtEver since I put this album on my turn table back in 1971.... I fell in love with this song!!!
    Everytime I listen to it, I go right back to that time period. Man it was great!!!
    John had the "Imagine" album/ single and his Christmas single " Happy Christmas"
    George released the epic album "The Concert for Bangla Desh
    And Ringo, "It Don't Come Easy" co-written with George Harrison.
    Ahhhhh...what a year....
  • Tiko from Xalapa, MexicoI wish he'd play this song in Mexico City...
  • Ken from Louisville, KyGeorge Martin wrote the orchestral score for this song, although he was not involved in its recording.
  • Bobby from Lansdale, PaAbsolutely one of my favorite songs ever. Anyone have any idea what the lyrics are near the end?
  • Britt from Boston, MaThis song is so beautiful I listen to it while i'm in the shower. This song proved to me that Paul McCartney is a musical genius. When he says 'we believe that we can't be wrong' is my favorite song and his voice gets really high. I'm surprised that not many people have heard of this song, I love it so much and I play it wherever I go. There is one word for this song: beautiful.
  • Aaron from Plainview, Txthis is one of my favorite paul mccartney songs, and it comes from one of the best post-beatle albums- RAM! I love the high note he hits close to the end of the song, hes just incredible, fantastic!
  • Christy from Palm Springs, CaThis song IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially all of the ooooooooo's!!! I can't even describe this song I just love it too much. It makes me daydream. One day when I get a boyfriend or husband or whatever I am going to make him take me on a drive and we will sing this song!!!!!
  • Frank from Cherry Creek, Nythis song and ram album was one of the best he ever made
  • Ken from Louisville, KyThis was released as a single worldwide, except for North America. In North America, the single released was "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey".
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