Causa y Efecto

Album: Gran City Pop (2009)


  • Paulina Rubio is a Mexican singer, whose music is popular in Latin America, Spain and the United States. She is known as the "Queen of Latin Pop." Her best known song internationally is her 2002 world-wide hit, "Don't Say Goodbye."
  • This song was the lead single from Rubio's ninth studio album, Gran City Pop. The song title translates into English as "Cause and Effect."
  • This song has more of a rockier feel to it than most of Rubio's previous work. She told MTV News: "I love to do something different all the time. I don't repeat myself. I've been growing, and I think my music has evolved over time."
  • The song's '80s-inspired video, in which Rubio is shown fronting a band, extends the rocking out theme. She explained to MTV News: "It's all about the performance, and the rock-and-roll [aspect], glam rock and the rhythm of it. It's really funky. And we also have the skyline of Miami, 'cause we really love the city."
  • Rubio told MTV News that Gran City Pop was named after an imaginary city that she created to fuse together the broad musical influences and life experiences reflected on the album's 10 songs. She said: "Gran City Pop is a city where people speak Spanglish, where freedom reigns and where love prospers and there is no violence. The city itself was inspired by several places, including Mexico, which is my homeland; Madrid, Spain; and Miami in the US"
  • This was Rubio's fourth #1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Chart.


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