Future Days

Album: Lightning Bolt (2013)
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  • This meditative and hopeful ballad finds Eddie Vedder looking to those "future days," and feeling the love for those friends and loved ones he lost along the way. The song was debuted live at Chicago's Wrigley Field in July 2013. "I think it'll be one of those that people cry to, hopefully get a little closer to their loved ones when they hear it," said guitarist Mike McCready to Billboard magazine. "I was feeling that that night [at Wrigley Field]. I was feeling it with the whole crowd."
  • The "crooked hearts" lyric is a reference to the accidental drowning of Vedder's friend Dennis Flemion of the Milwaukee band the Frogs. The Milwaukee rock band worked with Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins in the 1990s and was sampled by Beck on "Where It's At."
  • Mike McCready told Kerrang! magazine: "The thing that strikes me about that song is his (Eddie's) harmony on it. It gets me every time. And the subject matter of 'I'm older now... gets me too."
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  • Jerry from Haledon NjThis song is nothing about what is stated above. Vedder explained in Hartford on 10/25/13, that this song is about being with your partner as you grow old together.
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