Glorified G


  • Eddie Vedder was disgusted that Pearl Jam's drummer, Dave Abbruzzese, had purchased a gun and brought it to a rehearsal. Abbruzzese grew up in Texas, where guns are common, and tried to explain to Eddie that it was no big deal. Vedder wrote this after their conversation. >>
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    Keith - Phoenix, AZ
  • "G" is short for "Gangsta," which is a term used in the rap community to describe someone who doesn't play by the rules. Vedder was making the point that people carry guns to feel like they're important.
  • The line, "Glorified version of a pellet gun" is commonly misheard as "Forty-five versions of a pelican." >>
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    Elliot - St. Louis, MO

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  • AnonymousTo anyone discouraging politics in music: shut the f--k up they have their point of views just like everyone else and they're allowed to express them through their music if they wish to. If you don't like it don't listen
  • Dougie Love from New YorkI love Pearl Jam, however guns in legal sane hands can prevent tragedy. They can protect against evil. I’m sure somewhere in the Pearl Jam protection squad where rabid fans are relevant, somebody is carrying a gun to protect the boys. Vedder included. If you didn’t like the drummer, just say so. Anyway, still a cool song, as are all Pearl Jam tunes in my opinion.
  • Tmoney from CanadaPeople in these comments acting like it's normal to need a weapon in western nations (It's not for most of us because we ain't fearmongering nuts) or that art and politics haven't been intrinsically attached longer than anyone on this planet have been alive.

    Quit being disingenuous. It belittles you.
  • Arnold from Pittsburgh, PaDear Eddy V.,
    Some of us carry a gun to protect ourselves and others from the "G"s. You see, although I work very hard at an honest living, I cannot afford to have steroid-infused goons follow me everywhere I go. So, maybe, Mr, Vedder, you shouldn't be such an arrogant little, judgemental prick?
  • Adrian from Twin Cities, MnI love Pearl Jam. But I often wish artists would not sing about political issues. I am libertarian, and this song seems to serve to generalize gun owners.

    more recently Macklemore comes out with the sang Same Love that rails against stereotyping those that happen to love one of the same gender, yet in the song itself he stereotypes "right-wing conservatives", and I for the life of me think I am the only one that picked up on the contradiction.

    Musicians, I buy your records for the music, not a political statement... and I know I am not alone.
  • Michael from North Babylon, NyFor some reason, the tune of this song always reminds me of R.E.M. I'm no guitar player, but the cords to some of their songs may be the same as this.
  • Groovy Chic from Cincinnati, OhPearl Jam is fkg awesome... i feel sorry for anyone that don't know that!!!
  • Groovy Chic from Cincinnati, Ohman, you know how many times i sang that song "45 versions of a pelican"??? i love it!
  • Joey from Westville, Nypearl jam always keeps it loaded..
  • Cody from St Joe, Moas much as i wish guns could be irradicated forever like im sure eddie feels. i think that is just a complete impossibility and there are alot of people who just have guns as a source of recreation. i own no guns but i have a friend who has several and even i think its fun to go to a shooting range and just fire off a few.
  • Gavin from Sydney, Australiaglorified version of a pelican lol
  • Rajesh from Chicago, Il@ Becca - Nup. They played it live in this tour (2006)
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoSweet, I got my name on the facts list. Pearl Jam is the best f*cking rock band ever.
  • Adrian from Duluth, GaGlorified Garbage
  • Josh from Atlanta, GaThey played the song 14 times on their 2003 tour.
  • Nate from Amherst, Nytoo bad.. its a great song.
  • Paulo from New York, NyActually, they played it in Madison Square Garden last year. Ed intended to play something else, but the band starting playing "G" so Ed went along with it. Don't think that means he hates it, though.
  • Becca from Boston, MaIt is rumored that Ed hates this song! They never play it live.
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