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  • In a 1994 interview with the L.A. Times, Eddie Vedder stated, "The idea is about if you love someone and they love you, don't f--k up... 'cause you are left with less than nothing." >>
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    Matt - Winter Park, FL
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  • Tonya from IndianaWhat's the kingdom of heaven worth to you? Nothing and Everything undoubtly Samson and Delilah at her once believed in every story he had to tell then one day she's different and took the otherside once divided with nothing left to subtract some words spoken can't be taken back curses the day he let it go his secret and he who forgets will be destined to remember oh into the sun" Samson "son of the sun my burns burns eyes see one just escapes and ones left inside the well...God knew ownership the Black Pearl at worlds end on 10 album #5 #9 #2 evenflow at Delilah gives back 1 silver Dollar see connect-I-cut In God we Trust Not Even scissors and spice" Exotic Birds " Back-space-R ...The End
  • Lily from Los Angeles, CaQuote from Vedder in a 1994 interview with the LA times about his girlfriend, soon to be wife, Beth Liebling: "...I just know that without her, I'd be a kite without a string, a nothing man."
  • Sarah from Porterville, CaI too, love this song. I love all of their music, but yes this song is underrated! So powerful, I grew up to their music, and it plays in my soul on a daily basis..Great Band, Great people.
  • Bill from Pierce , IdArguably the most emotionally powerful, haunting song they ever made. An overlooked gem...
  • Raygun from Kathmandu, NepalThis is one of the best song i've ever heard...
    if it was a composed by any other band it wouldn't have been that much good..
    and Eddie's vocals are really heart feeling...
    i feel a chill in my heart when he sings shivering...the lyrics and the way Eddie sings is a perfect a perfect song...
  • Bryan from Spring, TxOne of the most underrated Pearl Jam songs in my opinion...
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