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  • In a 1994 interview with the L.A. Times, Eddie Vedder stated, "The idea is about if you love someone and they love you, don't f--k up... 'cause you are left with less than nothing." >>
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  • Jordan from LaBethelem L.c. - Man I just read your Comment / Story and wow man. You completely had my undivided attention & I felt frozen while reading what you went thru. Idk what I'm suppose to say ya know like I'm sorry that happened to ya or thank u for sharing that but It made me want to write in response to what u said cause I could feel your words & how hard that can be for many ppl to see including myself but I hope ur doing well man and I hope you know that woman is grateful for You to this day & unintentionally asked you for something that would in turn change ur outlook on Life. You were a guardian angel to her in that terrible moment of her life & you comforted her & protected her so just know that bud! You also probably gained an appreciation for life as a result from that nite & that's a good thing.
    Be Blessed Man!
  • K from Meaford OnIt might be the ghost of the elephant man, John Merrick with a gun, identity revealed, now he walks alone slowly fading, no sympathy left, no more blind worshipers, dead, GONE, back home
  • April 1, 1996 from Bethlehem L.c.This song will always have a special place in my life. I was 17, driving in a remote area and came upon a woman running down the road waving her arms. I stopped and put down my window, assuming she had some car trouble. Everything after that moment changed my outlook on life, and what the world can do to you if you let it. Her husband had left a suicide note earlier that day and she found his car parked in a church parking lot within eyesight. I called the police from a nearby home, but they wouldn’t be there for some time. She hadn’t brought herself to look in the car, so I went alone. The windows were completely fogged, so I had to open the door. What I saw will never leave my mind. The revolver sitting in his lap still in his right hand. The white dress shirt. The blood. The thin mustache. The finality. Time had stopped. I don’t know how long I was there, and then I heard a voice approaching. She had followed me, even though I’d asked her not to. I had to physically restrain her as she flailed at me, trying to get to the car. It seemed like forever. She knew what was behind the foggy windows, and I knew she didn’t need to see it. The police finally arrived as we held onto each other in the parking lot. I made my reports to the troopers and was eventually just turned loose. No offers to speak with anyone about what I’d just been through. I don’t even think they notified my parents. Later that night I was to practice a Spanish dialogue for school with my friend. On the way to his house on yet another remote, dark road, Nothingman came onto the radio. It was like poetry reaching out to me through the darkness. I never made it through our Spanish session. As I went to get into my car to leave late that night, I froze. The windows were fogged and I couldn’t open the door. I just stood there, with the lyrics to Nothingman running through my head. It’s 2020 now, 24 years later, and I still have a hard time opening a car that I can’t see into. And every time I hear Nothingman, it takes me back to that day, that road, that church, and what was inside a Chrysler LeBaron that forced me to grow up a little sooner than I’d planned. He who forgets will be destined to remember.
  • Tonya from IndianaWhat's the kingdom of heaven worth to you? Nothing and Everything undoubtly Samson and Delilah at her once believed in every story he had to tell then one day she's different and took the otherside once divided with nothing left to subtract some words spoken can't be taken back curses the day he let it go his secret and he who forgets will be destined to remember oh into the sun" Samson "son of the sun my burns burns eyes see one just escapes and ones left inside the well...God knew ownership the Black Pearl at worlds end on 10 album #5 #9 #2 evenflow at Delilah gives back 1 silver Dollar see connect-I-cut In God we Trust Not Even scissors and spice" Exotic Birds " Back-space-R ...The End
  • Lily from Los Angeles, CaQuote from Vedder in a 1994 interview with the LA times about his girlfriend, soon to be wife, Beth Liebling: "...I just know that without her, I'd be a kite without a string, a nothing man."
  • Sarah from Porterville, CaI too, love this song. I love all of their music, but yes this song is underrated! So powerful, I grew up to their music, and it plays in my soul on a daily basis..Great Band, Great people.
  • Bill from Pierce , IdArguably the most emotionally powerful, haunting song they ever made. An overlooked gem...
  • Raygun from Kathmandu, NepalThis is one of the best song i've ever heard...
    if it was a composed by any other band it wouldn't have been that much good..
    and Eddie's vocals are really heart feeling...
    i feel a chill in my heart when he sings shivering...the lyrics and the way Eddie sings is a perfect a perfect song...
  • Bryan from Spring, TxOne of the most underrated Pearl Jam songs in my opinion...
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