Stupid Mop

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  • The song is actual dialog from an educational video about schizophrenia from the '70s or '80s. In the video, there is a schizophrenic old woman ranting about her stupid mop. >>
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    Saint - New Orleans, LA
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Comments: 3

  • Christopher from Atlanta, GeorgiaI love this song. Slightly distorted, cacophony of sound that gradually floods your brain, and builds to a finale where the heroine contemplates and ultimately acknowledges she would end her life.

    The song fascinated me, I’ve listened to it countless time, and still love it just as much.
  • Bill from Pierce , IdI never thought much of this song until I listened to it while reading along with the printed lyrics to it, then it actually took on a more cohesive flow that made it much more listenable.
  • Brendan from Altamont, NyThis song is also known as "Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me". My least favorite song by Pearl Jam but still interesting.
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