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  • This song was written by Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron, who was originally the drummer for Soundgarden. Many fans consider this the best song on the album, with Eddie Vedder's voice coming through on lines like, "Love is a tower, and you are the key." >>
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  • Veddie Edder from Seattle (coincidence)good song, but id rather I am Mine, and another I really like is Green Disease, though I seem to be the only one who likes it.
  • Dylan from New Britain, CtI love this song. It feels like something that could've appeared on Radiohead's Kid A.
  • Dc from Dc, DcThe drums you hear in the song are real 'live' drums, you don't actually here any drum machines. The drum machine was in fact used to create rhythmic envelopes that trigger the opening and closing of the guitar output. Its a similar style effect to that of Tom Morello on Rage Against The Machine's 'Know Your Enenmy'. It is often referred to as Side Chain Gating or Envelope Following.
  • Jorge from San Diego, Cathe first time i heard this song i was floored. My fav song from my fav band
  • Ringgo from Montclair, CaFirst time i heard this, I was amazed at how smooth it flowed. Then I found out that Matt Cameron used a drum machine for the drums here and played rythm guitar on the song instead. WOW!..Matt's musical acumen is highlighted at last, and the lyrics here are just phenomenal!
  • Sarah from Tavistock, CanadaI love the effect that they use on the guitar to get the choppy sound...and I almost can't beleive Cameron used a drum machine...he's the best drummer in the world!...according to Ed
  • Thomas from Boston, MaWow, what a great song. Definitely the best that Matt Cameron has written, though he wrote some good ones for Soundgarden.
  • Arman from College Station, TxYou Are was originally going to be called 'Undone'. Ed wrote a song called Undone after this was written though.
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