Forever My Queen

Album: Review Your Choices (1999)
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  • Written by Pentagram lead singer Bobby Liebling, "Forever My Queen" is one of the more popular tracks from the band, which was the subject of the 2011 documentary Last Days Here. Popularity is relative, however, and in Pentagram's case only a handful of fans heard the band when they were active in the '70s and performing this song. Most of Pentagram's fans came from renewed interest decades later and the release of some compilation albums that gave many of their songs, including this one, a proper release. In many cases, the songs were newly recorded with different musicians, although Liebling remained a constant.
  • In our interview with Bobby Liebling, he talked about the inspiration for the song: "I was broken up over a Dear John letter I got from a high school sweetheart, from Morocco, whose parents sent her there to get away from a bad boy - who was me. Who ain't s--t for bad boys, but, you know, I did wear a leather jacket. So that's where that song comes from."
  • Jack White's band The Dead Weather released a cover version of this song as a single in 2009. White overnighted five copies of it to Bobby Liebling after they recorded it. Bobby told us that it was the best cover he's heard of the song, even though he doesn't like girls in Rock bands (Alison Mosshart sings in Dead Weather). "I'm prejudiced, but she did a bang up job," he said.
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