Chcemy Byc Soba

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  • Perfect was a Polish rock group. With increasing hostility towards the communist government, rock concerts often turned into political demonstrations in Poland in the '80s. Though more prevalent with the Punk acts of the time, the refrain "Chcemy Byc Soba" was changed by the audience to "Chcemy Bic ZOMO" (we want to beat up ZOMO- the military police). The modification (from the original "we want to be ourselves") seemed to fit with the rest of the lyrics. Perfect was banned from performing in Warsaw because of this and other incidents including the equally famous modification "Nie boj sie tego" to "Nie boj sie tego Jarurzelskiego" (Do not fear Jaruzelski- communist prime minister at the time). >>
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  • Joanna from KielceIt's a very good song with great guitar
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