Album: PopArt (2003)
Charted: 10
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  • This uplifting song describes a person so inspiring, nature's wonders come to life in their presence: skies are bluer, birds fly higher, dogs don't bite. It was rumored to be about a lover of Pet Shop Boys frontman Neil Tennant who committed suicide, but Tennant denied this.
  • Along with "Flamboyant," this is one of two new songs Pet Shop Boys released on their greatest hits collection, PopArt. The song rose to #10 in the UK, where the group was still landing hits three decades after they formed.
  • Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe wrote this song with the British production team of Adam F and Dan Fresh. On their website, Tennant explained: "We had this idea of a kind of record to make, which was to get a hip hop producer but then to use electro-clash sounds with them. It's a love song. It's about how, when you're in love with someone, they have a kind of magic and they seem to transform everything: 'Thunder is silent before you... roses bloom more to adore you.'"


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