American Soul

Album: American Soul (2016)
  • The title track to Phil Vassar's ninth studio album, this piano-driven number is a celebration of all the varying components that make up American culture - from famous actors (Clint Eastwood) to musicians (The Isley Brothers and Elvis Presley) to historical figures (Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee) to food (Dairy Queen and Dr. Pepper) to fashion (blue jeans and bikinis). He sings:

    Hey red, white, blue, we're apple pie and crawfish stew
    All mixed up in a big old Super Bowl
    Of American soul
  • Vassar wrote this with Nashville songwriter Tom Douglas. The singer recalled the session to Nash Country Daily: "We were just sitting around. For me, writing is a thing about being comfortable. You find your comfort zone. I loved what it was about. And in this day and age, America is a really just a jacked up place. Man, I love it. It's citizenship here is just really crazy, but that's what I love about it. It’s different and at least in this country you can debate your issues. In a lot of countries you can’t really debate it. It's this way or we take your head."
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