You Enjoy Myself

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  • This Phish classic came to define their live shows and is probably their most popular song. Rolling Stone magazine named it #85 on their list of the 100 Greatest Guitar songs, where they explained that Trey Anastasio wrote the song in the summer of 1985 when he was 20 years old and traveling in Europe with Phish drummer Jon Fishman. Said Anastasio: "I was coming up with these little bits, but I never really sat down to write anything. We'd be sitting around the bonfire with, like, 20 people, watching the stars and listening to the waves crash, and I'd be strumming along. I'd play something like the opening part of the song, and it would stick in my head. And the next week, we'd be standing on the street, and I'd come up with another part. I would just glue them together - the song is like a travel journal." >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • This was the last song Phish played before going on hiatus. On October 7, 2000, they played an extended version in their encore at a show in Mountain View, California. After the show, the 4 band members locked themselves in a trailer and stayed there for about 4 hours. When they came out, they had decided to quit, feeling that the grind of touring and the size of their operation had gotten so they couldn't enjoy the music anymore. They regrouped in 2002, but made sure to limit their touring schedule.
  • At some shows, Anastasio and bass player Mike Gordon bounce on little trampolines while performing this. They saw the trampolines at a yard sale one day and thought they would be great for their show. This is not all that unusual in the world of Phish.
  • At their last concert in Coventry, Vermont, the trampolines were given out to the crowd in a farewell gesture at the end of the song. The trampolines were passed back and fans jumped and danced on them during the show. >>
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    HooHah - Tenfaly, NJ
  • The first half of the song is instrumental. The second half of the song includes understandable lyrics, "Boy. Man. God. Sh-t." and a phrase sung in the background in a very mumbled, unintelligible manner. The most common interpretation of the mumble is "Wash Ufizzi, drive me to Ferenzi" referring to the Ufizzi museum, Italy and the town of Ferenzi, also in Italy. The band members lately say they forgot what it is. >>
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    Jeff - Kendall Park, NJ
  • When Phish broke up in 2004, Anastasio explained he was sick of playing the same songs over and over: "I gotta do something new. I cannot spend my entire life going around the country playing 'You Enjoy Myself.'"
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  • Nick from Kingston, NbRegarding Jeff from Kendall Park, NJ's lyrical interpretation, the line that is 'mumbled in an unintelligible manner' is as I've heard "wash your face and drive me to Ferenzi". The story I heard about "Boy, Man, God, Sh*t" and the rest, was that as the band members each climbed into a cab, this was their individual reaction to the smell of the cab which smelled like the cabbie crapped himself, and thus the lyrics were born. BTW Cheers to anyone willing to listen to the outstanding originality, and undeniable genius that is PHISH!! Best Band EVER!!!!!
  • Chris from Newtown Square, Pathe trampolines were destroyed by the fans at the Coventry, VT show, NOT danced on as the above facts state.
  • Ryan from Littleton, Cowhatyousaidfeetsiesdrivemetoforrencay'
  • Bryan from Syracuse, NySaw YEM 6 times, Albany 00 they go insane on the jam, get the disc.
  • Zach Anderson from Medway, MaThis song is beyond words. Peace.
  • Cory from Johannesburg, South AfricaGod, I wish i could see Phish.
  • Jon from Pittsburgh, Pathey do a 40 min version on LIve 14
  • Chris from Old Bridge, NjTrey dosent like to jam during concerts during You Enjoy Myself because he wrote the whole song complete with the jam and all even though his versions with the jam are pretty sick, Phish is amazing and this may be thier best instrumental song.
  • Dan from Floral Park, Nyyou all talk about trey going nuts in YEM ?!??!?!

    if any of you have ever seen or heard a live version, you would know fishman is the one who goes nuts
    and when mike turns on the dinosour effect, it gives me a full erection for hours on end
    fishman is redic.

    and pages solo
    oh man

    trey is redic. in the begingin
    i like the 15/8 part
    for all of you who don't know, thats one measure of 7/8 and one measure of 8/8
    i love phish

    i hope they get back together and i can see them play divided sky
  • Arthur from What Cheer, IaWhile Trey and Fishman were wandering around Europe, they got friendly with one of the natives, who couldn't really speak English. When they had to be moving on, he told them, "When I'm with you, you enjoy myself." That's where the title comes from.
  • Steven from San Antonio, Txi recommend the 24:21 length track. its most excellent. i'm not sure which album this is off of though, sorry i traded my friend for most of my collection. hope they have another show some day, doubt it though. got to see them once during the last tour... i'll never forget it.
  • Hal from Gaithersburg, Mdthey do the tramps for YEM at every show, not some shows.
  • Brett from Philadelphia, PaCan't they just get back together for at least one more tour!??!?!?PLEASE!?!?
  • Nick from Shelton, CtYeah lee and Eric support phish they rule,, to bad there breaking up again,, Phish rules yeahhh
  • Erik from Davis, CaAnastacio is a crazy mother. That's why he rules!
  • Lee from Durham, Ncgreat song. one of my phish favorites. anastasio goes crazy on that mother!
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