King For A Day

Album: Collide With the Sky (2012)


  • This song features Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens as a guest vocalist. Frontman Vic Fuentes explained the hook-up to Kerrang! magazine: "Sometimes when I'm writing a song I feel that there are parts that could be done better by one of our friends rather than me, and obviously we reached out to Kellin, backwardness case we actually didn't know each other very well beforehand. It was our fans and Sleeping With Sirens' fans on Twitter who really pushed for us to do this, because they knew it would work really well!"

    "Kellin took the song to a whole different place," he added, "it was kind of a lightning in a bottle moment, capturing something unique."
  • Fuentes explained the song's meaning to Kerrang!: "It's a song about being the underdog or the person being looked down upon and treated poorly by people more powerful than you, that people who think they have the right to do so, even though they don't even know you."

    "We felt that a lot being in the band, and getting treated as if your not important," he continued. "The song conveys the anger that stems from being treated that way, and fighting back."
  • Bassist Jaime Preciado came up with the idea for the video. Fuentes told Kerrang!: "He has wanted to do a video based around heist movies for a long time. You can actually see the bank which we rob in lots of TV shows, and I think it's even been used in other music videos. So the fact that we didn't have to worry too much about the police turning up and thinking we were actually robbing it was a good thing!"
  • Speaking to Kerrang! magazine in 2015, Vic Fuentes recalled how love blossomed on the video set. "I thought the redhead from this video was super attractive," he said, "so I turned on what charm. I had, and managed to get her number that day."

    "She is now my girlfriend, and we've been dating for almost two years now," he added. "It's such a clichéd rock 'n' roll love story, but we don't care!"


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