Take It Back

Album: Division Bell (1994)
Charted: 23 73


  • This is a song about Mother Earth, and how sooner or later, sick of the way we humans treat her, she will go into self protection mode and extinct (take back) the human race like was done in the Atlantean days. >>
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    Derek - North Buderim, Australia

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  • Chris from Tulsa, Ok"For the record waters is a more talented musician and a more passionate singer than gilmour"- Adam, Pittsburgh, PA"

    I guess that settles it.
  • Terry from Wickford, Riinnovative use of the e-bow guitar by Gilmour...and yes, musically, a bit like U2. This is one of those Gilmour songs that wear its theme a little too obviously on its sleeve for my liking. Harmless plea to be Green lest Gaia swallow us whole. The video always makes me think: is he threatening us with a volcano? Or will that dated CGI be Earth's revenge? But, when searching for an 'approachable' Floyd song to maybe initiate someone into their music, it's a gateway...
  • Senorspode from Seattle, WaDivision Bell is the consummate final album, and David's best post-Waters Floyd work.Momentary Lapse of Reason is nothing compared to Division Bell. Gilmour is a genius.
  • Mike Rudy from Lowell, MaI thought this was a place to discuss what lyrics of a song is about, not to compare different albums, or different times of history of this Band. both were Waters, and Gilmour are very talented Musicians. I've seen waters 3 times and Pink Floyd (Post Waters)9 times,and enjoyed them all. If you want to get to the facts of Pink Floyd and why they split from waters it's pretty simple. Roger waters wanted complete control of the band, and even went as far ar as forcing Richard Wright out of the band or he would lose his cut of there last album together "Final Cut". Roger Waters thought he was the band. I think the Gilmour, Wright, and Mason proved quite convincingly that Pink Floyd was still alive and well after Waters left. Songs Like Sorrow, Take it back, One slip, On the Turning away, and Coming back to Life can all stand on there own as great songs. i think the biggest difference between the the two errors of the band is that Waters lyrics were very downtrodden, while Post Floyd is also some what a little downtrodden, they also seem to give you hope. That as a united people we can make a difference, that it's never to late
  • Bryan from New York, NyOne of the great Floyd riffs (though they didn't have many famous ones), which does kind of sound like U2. One of David's better vocal songs. David is a better singer than Roger straight up vocally, but Roger has more passion in his singing.
  • Adam from Pittsburgh, PaFor the record waters is a more talented musician and a more passionate singer than gilmour
  • Adam from Pittsburgh, PaMy comment is directed at some of the remarks below, I didn't think (deleted) who have never even heard the final cut would be making statements like david gilmour is more talented than roger waters, because I would have had to take it upon myself to end the lives of these disrespectful a**holes, and let them take any job
  • Adam from Pittsburgh, PaMomentary Lapse is nothing, the final cut and Division Bell are the only thing that mattered for Floyd in that entire post wall era
  • Tom from East Lyme, CtJohnny from LA. I know EXACTLY what your talking about. This song just came up on random and I kept thinking it was U2 until the chorus.
  • Jason from Detroit, Migilmour and wright always got along. If you read any history of the band you would know this. Thats one reason wright is always touring with gilmour.
  • John from Kents Store, VaGreat song. Lyrics can't be put in a neat little box but they do relate to the wonderment experienced at being the recipient of (undeserved) grace. The album is a great telling of a personal odessey.
    John of Kents Store, Va.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaI thought this was U2 the first time I heard it. It does kinda sound like U2 right?
  • Patrick from Chicago, Ili think david gilmour is a way better singer than roger waters..
    - keith, shamokin, PA

    yes but his lyrics lack. roger is better overall
  • Bill from Erie, PaIn my humble opinion, Pink Floyd was an entirely different band after Waters left. Both AMLoR and tDB suffered incredibly from not having Waters there to direct and focus the music. The Post-Waters albums have their moments, but in the end they're quite tedious and unfocused as a whole compared to the glory-days albums, even The Final Cut, which has more of a raw, in-your-face kind of quality that I can appreciate. This is also in my humble opinion, but I don't think Pink Floyd should have continued without Waters. Gilmour, while his guitar is unrivaled, is a terrible songwriter and had to rely on as many as 15 different songwriters for AMLoR, and his wife wrote most of the songs on tDB. Apparently, the band was just as fractured after Waters left as they were during the Wall and Final Cut sessions. Gilmour couldn't stand Rick Wright even before Waters had him kicked out, and he just brought him back so it would look better, i. e., more money.
  • Alex from Fort Mill, ScThe light show the band puts on during this song on the Pulse is awesome. I highly recommend the DVD.
  • Jonathan from TorontoFinal cut? I personally have not heard Final Cut but I don't like the idea of Roger Waters trying to to anything and not letting anyone else contribute their ideas, especially when David Gilmour is (in my opinion) more talented then Roger Waters.
  • Pete from Nowra, Australiagreat song love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    got to love the Floyd!!!!!
  • Guy from Mchenry, IlFirst of all, this is a great song. A good album as well. Many years ago, I read that some felt this song was about Water's strained relationship with his wife. I cannot confirm or deny that statement. Just something to ponder...
  • Emma from .., CanadaThe Final Cut kicks all asss
  • Ash from Charleston, WvMy two cents: Momentary Lapse is far better than either The Division Bell or The Final Cut.
  • Keith from Shamokin, Pai think david gilmour is a way better singer than roger waters..
  • Stefan from Bucharest, RomaniaHm, I don't agree that AMLOR was a bad album. It's not a great album, but it has some good stuff, a pretty good comeback after the waters business... Though Division Bell is better, I still love the waters era, and The Final Cut is a good album, lyrically...
  • Chris from Lake Mary, FlI just can't seem to get enough of this song. Every time I listen to it I feel like I'm in some sort of Symphony Hall. The song just has such a great ambiance to it. I love this album.
  • Kelly from Los Angeles, CaI agree, this song is excellent, and The Division Bell is an excellent album.
  • Corey from Dark Side Of The Moon, OtherA very underrated song. I know most people hated when Roger Waters left the band. In my opinion The Final Cut is as bad as A Momentary Lapse Of Reason. And the Division Bell was a great way for the band to say goodbye. There are very good songs on the album... this is one of them.
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