Gouge Away

Album: Doolittle (1989)


  • This song refers to the biblical story of Samson, who had his eyes gouged out by his enemies and eventually killed them all when he was chained to two pillars in their stronghold. He pulled the pillars down, bringing the building down and killing himself and his enemies. >>
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    Eric - Anchorage, AK
  • Pixes drummer David Lovering told MusicRadar: "It's the perfect example of a true Pixies song. It's got the quiet verse and then it goes all-out for the chorus. The way it's structured, it's two opposing layers. I remember when we recorded it, I thought it was the most compelling thing we ever did."

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  • Sluggo from BostonThis is the song I want blaring when I'm manning a gatling gun.
  • Shannon A Straughan from Longmont CoGreat song! Turn it up and some marijuana if ya got some.
  • Tim from Pgh, PaPapa Roach did a cover of this song during their lovehatetragedy sessions.
  • Indigo from Adelaide, AustraliaPixies are awesome. they influenced many bands including Nirvana and many songs with their soft, loud, soft style they use in this song. it sounds great.
  • Cory from Richmond, VaThis song alludes the story of Samson and Delilah to one of Frank Black's relationships. In fact, the documentary LOUDquietLOUD, you actually see the woman Frank reffered to as "Missy Aggravation."
  • Iara from Santiago, Chileawesome song of pixies.I love it!
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