Special K

Album: Black Market Music (2000)


  • This is about a trip while using the drug Ketamine, better known as Special K. This song describes all of the feelings usually associated with using the drug. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Chas - Webster, NY
  • Ketamine is an animal anesthetic taken illicitly for its unusual semi-hallucinogenic qualities. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • Greg from Princeton, NjI do think that this song is about drugs.
  • Chas from Webster, Nywell, it probably has some sort of love with a junkie or something.
  • Meg from Nothingness, NcActually, the line is "..now you're back with dope demand.."
    I love the ballad version of this, found through videocure.com there's video footage of them performing this.
  • Tyan from Melbourne, Australiai forgot to add the bit about the archille's heel, the person he is singing about is his weakness. much like a girl i know is mine.
  • Tyan from Melbourne, Australiaspecial k although it has obvious drug references isnt a song about using ketamine. special k is a love song which brian has mentioned in an interview.

    i think though that the problem that is bought up in this song is that brian (or whoever else helped pen the lyrics) is in love with someone but that love is not reciprocated.

    brian sings 'coming up.. on a coronary theif' implying that someone has stolen his heart.

    then he sings 'with no hesitation, no delay, just like i swallowed half my stash i never want to crash' which implies that he is extremely happy with the thought of the person he is singing about and he feels like he will be this happy forever because of this person.

    and then later he sings 'now your back and you dont demand' and also 'i fall down, hit the ground, make a heavy sound, every time you're around' which to me suggests that even though brian is madly in love with the person, the feelings arent returned and as a result his mood drops drastically from the extreme happiness to a feeling somewhat similar to what drug users experience after they have come down.
  • Chas from Webster, NyI can see the religious references. seventh seal was talked about in the book of revelations. He keeps asking if jesus is real (implied) so hed find out for himself, by jumping off of a building
  • Kelsey from Pensacola, FlAt shows Brian usually introduces it by saying "This song is not about cereal."
  • Rian from London, United StatesBrian Molko said this song was about how suicide rates get higher around christmas. I dont quite see that myself. He also said its about how being in love is like being on drugs
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