Album: Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose (2018)
  • This impressionistic account of the joy bought by being in love moves through countless musical moods.

    Everything looked sepia, sepia
    Before you came along and saturated me with love
    Then I couldn't be happier, happier
    Oh, since you showed me how
  • Plan B aka Ben Drew is not known for his collaborations, bur he penned this tune with Eg White, the man behind such hits as Will Young's "Leave Right Now" and Adele's "Chasing Pavements."

    "I've always been such a control freak with everything," Drew told The Guardian, "and I've seen how far that gets me. There is a ceiling. When I was younger, I was completely open to people teaching me stuff. Then, at some point, I decided that I knew exactly what I needed to know, and any further input would dilute what was unique about what I was doing. Then I realized I couldn't go any further."


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