Jesus Will Still Be There

Album: Point of Grace (1993)


  • Shelley Breen of Point of Grace recalled to CCM Magazine presents 100 Greatest Songs In Christian Music that the foursome were feeling uneasy about their debut album when their producer presented them with this song. She explained: "We were doing our very first album for Word Records, and I remember us sitting around a table and telling our producer, Robert Sterling, 'We have a lot of great songs here, but feel like none of them actually say the word 'Jesus' and that really bothered us." That night, Sterling married the words to the music written by John Mandeville to create this anthem about their Saviour.
  • Shelley said of the song's message in the same interview: "Whatever your situation is, you can fit yourself into that song and it's such a great reminder that no matter what happens, one thing will always be there and that is Jesus and His love and His protection over us."


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