A Thousand Bad Times

Album: Hollywood's Bleeding (2019)
Charted: 29
  • Several tracks on Hollywood's Bleeding find Post Malone getting caught up in fake, one-sided relationships. On "A Thousand Bad Times," he describes one of his recurrent toxic romances.

    I really like you, despite who you are, oh
    You see me on TV, you know I'm a star
    You say you don't know me, but I know that's false
    I'll pay the price, girl, whatever that cost, oh

    Despite her denials, Malone is aware that the self-centered girl is only attracted to him because of his wealth and fame. Their relationship follows the usual pattern for the singer-rapper by turning poisonous. But the Texan won't let yet another abusive partner bring him down.

    I always get my heart broke like I needed the practice
    Foot on my throat 'til my world is collapsin'
    But this what I chose, it's the law of attraction

    A thousand times bitten, but still not shy, Malone will not let such experiences deter him from trying again.

    I had a thousand bad times
    So what's another time to me?
    You try to burn my house down
    But what's another house to me?
  • Malone explained on a Spotify track by track that the message of the song is, everybody has bad times, but he won't let them bring him down. He added: "I am going to keep chugging on no matter what. Keep your head up and keep kicking ass no matter what life throws at you."
  • Malone teamed up with his go-to producers Frank Dukes and Louis Bell for this song. Bell and Dukes have been behind many of Malone's hits, such as "Congratulations," (Dukes) "Rockstar" (Bell) and "Wow" (Dukes and Bell).

    The trio was assisted by Malone's usual writing partner Billy Walsh and Canadian composer Kaan Gunesberk.


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