Count Me Out

Album: Avengers Assemble: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture (2012)
  • PusherJones is a cartoon rock supergroup comprising Camp Freddy singer Frankie Perez, Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner, Weezer bass player Scott Shriner and Queens of the Stone Age drummer Joey Castillo. This was the first song to be released by the group.
  • The Simpsons' creative director Dave Warren is also involved with the project, which Kushner told Rolling Stone was inspired by the original cartoon band, Gorillaz. "The original concept was for a Gorillaz-type thing," he explained. "Basically, me and Dave Warren became friends through Don Bernstein, who used to buy all the memorabilia for the Hard Rock. Dave worked on The Simpsons, and then he and I started talking about stories and different ideas. It eventually became an idea for a TV show, but then we thought, 'The music has to be as good as the animation.'"
  • Kushner told Rolling Stone the story behind the song: "['Count Me Out' is] basically about a big, notorious rock band," he explained, "and there's a new guy that's coming into the band. You're basically seeing all of the dysfunction and insanity, and the things that make for great rock bands through the eyes of the new guy. A lot of it has been based on different stuff that has happened to me or stuff I've heard being in Velvet Revolver for eight years."
  • The song is included on the soundtrack for the Disney movie, The Avengers.


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