Sade In The 90s

  • In the '90s, the smooth sounds Sade were considered the ultimate baby-making music. In this song, Qveen Herby recalls that time and likens her attitude to that feeling. "In the '90s everyone was always going hard, and Sade was just so smooth," she said. "If you dig into her lyrics she's telling these crazy stories, but it all feels really easy."
  • Herby, whose previous career was as the vocalist for Karmin, wrote this song with Zak Waters, who goes by the name Pretty Sister - they met at a songwriting camp put on by Alex Da Kid. "There are some songwriters you meet and you're like, 'You're going to be in my life forever," Herby told Songfacts. "I had this melody but needed a concept and a lyric. We sat there for like two hours and hammered it out. He came up with 'Deepak Chopra orange soda,' which I thought was the most brilliant lyric I've ever heard, and the rest of the song just wrote itself."
  • Herby releases music in 5-song EPs that appear every few months - she's an independent artist and can set her own release schedule. "Sade In The 90s" is on her third EP, which was the first on which she used outside writers. Her husband, Nick Noonan, produced it and directed the video for the song.


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