Blow Out

Album: Pablo Honey (1993)
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  • This is guitarist Jonny Greenwood's favorite song on Pablo Honey.
  • Thom Yorke wrote this about the pressures he puts on himself. It's one of his more personal songs.
  • The Japanese version of the single contains a remix produced by Phil Vinall.
  • The second voice in the background is saying, "All wrapped up in cotton wool, all wrapped up and sugarcoated pills." >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France, for all above
  • For many years Radiohead often played this last at their concerts. However, the song didn't appear on their set list between their gig in Tokyo in 2008 and their one in Chicago 10 years later.

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  • Bendy Bends from WalesI actually often come back to this album. It's raw and energetic and somehow more musically honest if you know what I mean. Less naval gazing, just got on with it. If you were around in the early nineties then Pablo Honey just has that sound. What a way for a band to announce themselves. Great Album.
  • Matt Bellamy from Devon, United KingdomThis is probably the worst Radiohead album/song. I have no idea what you were thinking Thom but honestly this is s--te.
  • AnonymousDon't recall it being Jonny. I seem to remember Colin in a violent mood. We all had become frustrated with a lack of progress that night and felt a trip to the pub would be in order. Before we left, Colin fell into Philips Drum kit and Philip gave him a swift kick in the nuts. Wanting no part in this, Jonny moved to the corner, but before he knew it Thom body-slammed him against the wall. After forcing him to scribble words on the wall, Thom left for the pub. At least we got something out of it.
  • Thom Yorke from Northhamptonshire, England, EnglandOne violent night, after a stormy session, Jonny got particularly violent. He grabbed Ed by the throat and slammed him against the wall. We had to jump Jonny to calm him down. As a punishment, we sent him to the corner of the room, on a stool with the dunce cap for a time out. After an hour or so, we returned from the local bar and found Jonny scribbling the lyrics of Blowout on the wall.

    Nowadays, whenever we get in a creative rut, we send Jonny to the wall, that bonny lad of ours. He's getting tired of it, though. Poor chap.
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