House of Cards

Album: In Rainbows (2007)
  • Unusually for Radiohead, this song finds lyricist Thom Yorke ruminating in a direct way about sexual relationships.
  • This song was premiered by Thom Yorke in the of summer 2005, when he performed "House of Cards" as part of a 5-song solo acoustic benefit for the Trade Justice Rally at London's Methodist Central Hall.
  • In an interview with Pitchfork Media, the interviewer commented that this song appeared to be warmer than many of Thom Yorke's previous songs. The Radiohead vocalist replied: "I'd guess one doesn't really need reminding of the ice outside at the moment, do you? It's maybe a good thing to try to make music that feels reassuring in some ways - something that's got a good feeling, a good vibe about it."
  • Some of In Rainbows was recorded at Tottenham House in Wiltshire England, a Grade-I listed building, which dates back to the 1720s. The house had a haunted ambiance, which imprinted itself onto the album. Bassist Colin Greenwood explained in an interview with Mojo magazine February 2008 how the producer Nigel Godrich took advantage of this: "Nigel recorded the smudges and fingerprints of those rooms and put them back into the sound later, like the reverb on the 'House Of Cards' vocal. His computer is like a rattle bag. He can pick out any sound, irrespective of where he recorded it, then map it on to a track we recorded somewhere else. Amazing."
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  • P from GarciaThis song is about a struggling married couple and trying sexual parties to spice up their long burned relationship.
    "The infrastructure will collapse
    Voltage spikes
    Throw your keys in the bowl
    Kiss your husband goodnight"

    The institution of marriage collapses on swingers parties.
    A way to sort out couples at swinger parties is to each couple so throw a set of keys in the bowl. The bowls go around the round and each man picks a set of keys, whichever key set you get that the woman you will be leaving that night with.

  • Brad from Kansas City, KsMusic Video is not entire song
  • David from Louisville, KyJust sends you. It's one of their best. I thought OK Computer was great but In Rainbows is even better.
  • Tom from Dallas, TxI still think In Rainbows in one of the greastest albums of the last 30 years.
  • Quentin from Sudbury, OnThe musical element of the song, to me, seems to have a tone of progression.
  • Matt from Salisbury, Mdi saw them live and this song was by far one of the best songs they played its really magical
  • Ben from Minas Tirith, Mothis song sounds similar to the Coldplay style, but i think Radiohead just blows it out of the water.
  • Brian from Phoenix, AzThis song is featured in the NBA commercial "There Can Only Be One: Nash/Kidd"
  • Shay from Keene, Nhlovely, completely.
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