Album: Hail To The Thief (2003)


  • Myxomatosis is a disease that is prevalent in rabbits. England had a huge problem with it in the late '90s.
  • The alternate title for this track is "Judge, Jury & Executioner." >>
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    rudi - melbourne, Australia, for above 2

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  • Mfernflower from NyI think this song is about being famous and not knowing what to do with your newfound fame and riches.
  • Fairestbaby from Rotterdam, Netherlandsdealing with concequences. action-reaction. nothing like something, like one and one could be any amount or none
  • Jon from West Bend, IaI noticed the Hitchhiker's Guide reference as well, Leo. Radiohead does this on several other occasions as well, most notably Paranoid Android.
  • Matt from Toronto, CanadaI read in a Band Profile by Chuck Klosterman that Thom really liked the word Myxomatosis, and that the lyrics have very little relation to the title, it just fit well in the song. God, Thom is weird... a freaking genius, but definitely weird.
  • Marco from Saugus, MaI love this song, and I've played it at bars before. I honestly think this song is about being misunderstood, the tiranny of people coasting on false notions of you and who you are. New found friends, that don't understand that you've been where you liked, and slept with who you like, even if you make believe you didn't. And you don't know why you feel so disquited and skinned-alive because you were just kind and naive.
  • Brent from Somewhere, TxIts the effect that human have on nature. Human cause myxomatosis. Myxomatosis was used by Australia and the UK in the 1950s to reduce the rabbit population, because rabbits were causing significant damage to crops.
  • Pete from Wheaton, MdI think this song is about artist being forced to sell out. Check out the lyrics in that light. It's a cool song.
  • Leo from Grimsby, CaIt's also another reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy where it mentions myxomatosis in Chapter 24.
    Oddly, It (incorrectly) applies the disease to mice.
  • Chase from Minneapolis, MnProbably the most underated song on the whole album, it's different and I like it. I love the rythem in thom's voice. Its a very good song. There is another version of this song called Remyxomatosis. It is a Christian Vogel remix. It can be found on the japanese import Com Lag= 2+2=5(EP).
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