True Love Waits

Album: I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings (2001)
  • This song shows that everyone in life will eventually find love, we just have to wait.
  • Thom Yorke got the lyric, "True love lives on lollipops and crisps" from a newspaper article he was reading. The story was about a 10 year old boy who was left home alone for 2 days, and the boy lived on lollipops and crisps (potato chips). True love can be anything.
  • The song dates back to the mid-1990s and has been a popular concert ballad since then; a live version was released on the 2001 live album I Might Be Wrong.

    Longtime co-producer Nigel Godrich told Rolling Stone in 2012: "We tried to record it countless times, but it never worked. The irony is you have that sh---y live version. To Thom's credit, he needs to feel a song has validation, that it has a reason to exist as a recording. We could do 'True Love Waits' and make it sound like John Mayer. Nobody wants to do that."

    A studio version was eventually recorded for the 2016 LP A Moon Shaped Pool.
  • This is the closing track of A Moon Shaped Pool. The opening track starts with the word "stay" and this song ends with the words "don't leave." Could that be a response from the band to the rumors that Moon Shaped Pool was going to be the last Radiohead album?
  • This was revealed to be Radiohead's saddest song according to research collected in 2016 by a prominent data scientist.
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  • Oldpink from Farmland, InMagnificent lyrics, and Yorke's vocals perfectly convey them.
  • Bernard from Auckland, New ZealandA small correction, the release dat for this song was in the year 2003 in June
  • Bernard from Auckland, New Zealandthis is such a nice song,
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