For You

Album: Unguarded (2015)
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  • One of the first songs that Rae Morris ever wrote, she penned the tune at the age of 17 when she was just starting out in music. She told DIY magazine: "At the time, it was very personal and an exploration of what I was doing. I was quite confused about who 'Rae Morris' was – my name's Rachel but I was started to perform as Rae, so there's a line about the meaning of my name."

    "It's just about getting used to what that was gonna mean, and it's another song that represents family to me because the reason that I call myself Rae is down to my grandad," Morris added. "He was a singer as well and that's why. It's about family, and keeping the most important things close to you."
  • Asked by what was the most difficult song to record on Unguarded, Morris replied: "That was 'For You'. I care about that song so much and it needed a very delicate touch, but also to be pushed to its extremes. It took us a long time to get it right."


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