Sleep Now In The Fire

Album: The Battle Of Los Angeles (1999)
Charted: 43


  • The Nina, The Pinta and The Santa Maria are the names of three of Columbus' ships he sent with the aid of Spanish rulers to discover what he thought was the East Indies, but was actually the Americas. >>
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    Regan - Boyup Brook, Australia
  • Michael Moore, famous for his political documentaries Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11, directed the video for this song. It was nominated for the MTV Video Music Award for Best Rock Video, but lost to Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff." Tim Commerford of Rage interrupted the ceremony with his own protest when Limp Bizkit won. >>
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    Tom - Trowbridge, England
  • This is about the influence of capitalism and the United States on the world. Numerous references to exploitative Western legacies (Columbus' ships, the fields overseer of the slaves in the American South, my agents of orange, the priests of Hiroshima).
  • In the line, "There is no other pill to take so swallow the one that makes you ill," the pill is a metaphor for political system/government, and how the US makes other countries switch to their idea off a democracy.
  • At the end of this song, Tom Morello's amplifier was picking up a Korean radio station. Since it was coming out of the guitar in one way or the other, they faded it out at the end of the song. >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA, for above 3
  • Michael Moore printed up some placards for the video and handed them out to traders who walked around with them. One of them holds up a sign reading: "Trump for President," referencing Donald Trump's 2000 presidential campaign for the nomination of the Reform Party. Asked by Interview Magazine in a 2020 article if Rage Against the Machine had predicted the Trump presidency, Morello replied: "I would say that we are karmically entirely responsible, and my apologies."

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  • Someone from Planet Earth"I'm deep inside your children
    They'll betray you in my name"
    My sin is to surrender to my greed and in the end I did betrays my parents by selling the business that they've fought all their lives and entrusted to me so I can continue their business way to find profits and use it to contributes to the society around our family.
    but the offers that given to me from that big business company blinds me.
    and now my family store is turned into a parking lot for their huge department store.
  • Karl from Ingatestone, United KingdomI saw the video for this once on now-defunct music channel The Hits, as a big Rage Against The Machine fan since November 23rd 2010 i seem to remember the video, they were arrested after their performance. Believe me, if Rage Against The Machine performed in my native Ingatestone, they wouldnt be doing that
  • Cory from Slippery Rock, PaTo Miles, Brendan, and Ghaith:
    Before you go giving undue credit to RATM, know that you are mistaken. Rage did in fact have federal authority to shoot their video in front of Wall Street. While it is true that the doors did close, this was in order to keep out the crowd that had shown up from creating a distraction in Wall Street. Other than that, business went as usual; it was not even recorded as an actual closure.
    The police in the video were unaware that the band permission to film, thus the trouble. Ghaith, nobody was arrested, although Michael Moore was detained and questioned.
    Please, know your facts and do your research before posting.
  • James from San Clemente, CaVery creative metaphors, I'll give Zak that. But in songs such as this, he offers up the critisisms well enough, but I don't hear a lot of solutions :---

    lotsa "f--k the government", not a lota "here's a better Idea"---

    still, kick ass song, 4 stars
  • Airk from Skagway, AkWow, I just saw the video, and oh my God those guys are such Renegades! (No pun intended) I can't believe they played in wall street! That is so badass lol.

    Rofl to the some of the old/fat people who were dancing to the music. THAT VIDEO PWNS!
  • Justin from Portland, Orin the music video why does the poor black man give the money back?????
  • Ghaith from Dubai, OtherThe band actually was arrested when performing the song in wall street, when you watch the video you can see that they announced that they will be performing it, however they were denied. But they did it anyway!
  • Skylar from Tahlequah, Ok"Mass graves at the pump, now the price is set." alot of foresight in this. Doesn't it seem like the more people die in the war, the higher the price of gas? If i wsa high as the price of gas, i wouldnt have to buy no grass!
  • Daryl from Pasadena, MdI believe this song is very prophetic, being written before 9/11. Zach is warning us of our greed and what it will bring us. The song refers to many actions undertaken to protect our "interests" in the world, and fire is the response of the people. We are in fact living at the rest of the world's expense (third world and "developers").
  • Daryl from Pasadena, MdAgent orange was used in Operation Sunrise, an operation in Vietnam to destroy farmland and jungle, driving the population into "strategic hamlets". The effects are destroying Vietnamese food sources (causing starvation) and causing thousands of deaths and deformaties. In short, we were protecting the South Vietnamese from their own population.
  • Katie from Okc, Oki think they r awesome and everybody should at least hear one of their songs and know it by name!! BUT WHO AGREES WIT ME?!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????
  • Hahahah! from Port Saint Lucie, FlTo Spog Zallagi in Blue Hill, ME, Al Gore isn't really much to love either. He's a greedy lil' capitalist in his own way, by being a scare monger over global warming and sounding the alarm 100 times louder than it needs to be sounded. By doing this he just brings in more money and attention to himself. I don't remember HIM living in a hybrid home (and he certainly has the money, doesn't he?) Even Ralph Nader is critical of him
  • Spog Zallagi from Blue Hill, MeI like "I'm deep inside your children" That's awesome because he is inside me. But my parents don't mind. They might not like RATM but after I showed them "Supersize Me" and saw "The F Word" we're now against the Gov and hate George Bush and love Al Gore. Global warming is real, and Watch "Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price" I garantee you'll never look at it the same way and want it boycotted from your town. I Garantee damnit!
  • Alex from Prague, Czech RepublicAt the end of the song, is a recording of some radio show or something saying: "this band is anti family and pro terrorist" or "this band is anti semic and pro terrorist" ? Because I can hear anti-semic ...
    - Aleks, Prague
  • Daniel from Bellingham, WaAgent Orange was a chemical used in the Vietnam war to kill off the jungle, making it harder for the VC to hide.
  • John-mark from Colchester, EnglandAgent Orange, as far as I know, had nothing to do with the vietnam war. If i remember correctly it was one of the substances used to kill jews and anti-nazi's in concentration camps during the second world war. Of course i could be wrong, and it could always be both.
  • Miles from Madison, Wiim gonna say what brendan said, but better:
    the video, directed by michael moore, was shot without permission in front of the new york stock exchange. the video feature cops yelling at the band, michael moore argueing with the police, and a game show, "who wants to be filthy f#&%ing rich" with white contestants who dont know the extent of poverty in the united states. also, studio performance shots of the band over scenes of violence alternating with scenes of extravagence.finally a poor black man gets a question right and is handed bushels of money. there are two messages at the end of the video. one, spoken, is a recording of some radio show or something saying: "a band called the machine rages on-er-rage against the machine-this band is anti family and pro terrorist. they should not be aloud to play. the other, prited on the screen says: at 2:52, in the middle of the trading day, the stock exchange was forced to close its doors. and under it: no money was harmed
  • Dave from New York, NyI AM NOT A DEMOCRAT- I AM NOT A dont call my a dumb leftist wen i say that MM does have the right to go about anything in a creep like way...he can do whatever he wants...oh and wen you respnd with "well i can complain about anything too" just know everyone saw it coming and now your just being hypocritical cause if u can do anything he can too
  • Alex from Sparrowbush, NyAgent orange was nothing like napalm, Agent orange was used to deny overhead cover to the VC/NVA. It was Clearly an Herbacide, and not a torture device. Naplam was a Point Effect weapon, U.S. Forces used it to burn the enemy out of fortified positions. It was especially effective against underground bunkers because it burn the oxygen out, there by causing the enemy to suffocate...also agent orange made it easier for Spotters to see enemy units moving on the ground, so that Close Support Aircraft Could Strafe or Nape them, or artillery could be brought to bear,
  • Matt from Millbrae, Cathis song is of my favorites from RAM.
  • Jamie Jay from West Oxfordshire, EnglandThe part in the verse rocks, Micheal Moore is a fag and is a bad man and goes about being political in a creep=like-way unlike RATM, if you look at it one way 'I'm deep inside your childeren' can be pretty diturbing, and don't call me culturally uneducted because I know what 1984 is, George Orwell's book that triggered Big Brother to start up.
  • Billy from Boston, MaJeremy, "Feilds overseer refers to slave drivers, and "Agent Orange" is like napalm, but instead of being a fire accelerant being used ot clear trees away from air bomb targets, Agent Orange was used solely and entirely as a weapon and toture device agaionst the Veit Cong and other Veit Namese guierrilla organizations.
  • Brendan from Hobart, Australiain the film clip for this song, ratm play on wall street without permission and shut down the doors for the rest of the day, how cool is that
  • Noah from Boston, Maa couple things about this... the line "Im deep inside your children, they'll betray you in my name" is probably an allusion to Orwell's 1984. The main character talks about how greatful he was to have never gotten his wife pregnant because he always sees stories in the newspaper about children who overhear their parents talking bad about the government and then tell the authorities on their parents. Those children are held up as heros by the ogvernment for other children to emulate. 1984's a pretty good novel for Zack to attach himself too. Second, i dont know this for sure, but in response to the line "the priests of Hiroshima," there were 8 jesuit priests mere blocks away from ground zero of the atomic bomb dropping. All 8 survived, and the Jesuit church claims to this day it was because they prayed every day. Maybe this is another one of RATM's critiques of christian doctrine. This could use a better look though.
  • Jeremy from Nova Scotia, CanadaIn the line "The fields overseer,
    The agents of orange" I believe this refers to the following:
    Approximately 20 million gallons of herbicides were used in Vietnam between 1962 and 1971 to remove unwanted plant life and leaves which otherwise provided cover for enemy forces during the Vietnam Conflict. Shortly following their military service in Vietnam, some veterans reported a variety of health problems and concerns which some of them attributed to exposure to Agent Orange or other herbicides.
  • Chainy from Largo, FlA guarentee that has been breeched many times. Go read about th espionage act. Its very interesting.
  • Jenn from Old Orchard Beach, MeYes, how DARE Michael Moore voice his opinions as guarenteed by our constitution?
  • Marvis from Fairfield, CaThis video was directed by Bowling for Columbine's Micheal Moore. Can you say oscar speech?
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