Take The Power Back

Album: Rage Against The Machine (1992)
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  • This is about forced ideals in the US - how the American government wants their citizens to conform to the "ideal" American dream. If you don't agree with their opinions, you could be considered a terrorist. >>
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    liam - frederick, MD
  • At some live shows, lead singer Zack De La Rocha would intro this by saying, "The classroom is the last place to find the truth." >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA
  • This song makes a reference to the Weathermen, a radical militant organization active during the 1970s, whose stated goal was the violent overthrow of the United States government. >>
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    Bob - Tokyo, Japan

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  • Bobby G from Home, A Place Called Earth (formerly Known As Heart) America, and The United States are two completely different entities. America is the land that the United States Incorporated (formerly known as the Virginia Company owned by the British royal family) is permitted by cognizantly retarded Americans to act as if it owns as it steals from, extorts, murders, poisons, brainwashes, cages, and enslaves Sovereign people all over the world but especially here in America. Time to wake up, start taking personal responsibility for our local communities and unify as a whole, dismantle every form of government other than Volunteerism aka Anarchy and start asking ourselves "what am I going to do about this?" And then do what you think is right because complacency and putting off our responsibilities onto "representatives" whom clearly do not have our best interests at heart only their own is obviously not working at all to benefit humanity in any way, shape, or form thus far
  • Jorge from Bronx, NyI'am very aware of the Ilussion we live on,Of course we all preffer to live in America,But damn the thruth is out there,and because there is too many deadheads [not saying Grateful Dead fans],and were all doomed to make a change Corporate America is bringing this nation down!
  • Guy from Las Vegas, Mohaha, i agree with billy, townswhip rebellion rules! but this song is amazing! i love the message it brings, cause i think its true. we do have to restore power to the people.
  • Stijn from Eersel, NetherlandsEveryone below who glorifies the US, there is a good reason for doing that. I believe for some people it is great to live in America (I've never been there but I'd better believe the homophobic redneck dicks). That doesn't mean that the US as a country is super awesome. The governement sold a lot of it's land to other countries including China. In the US a lot of money is being earned by the richest elite. Probably none or a few of you has ever took the effort of checking out the US Lorenz Curve but it doesn't lie. Maybe this comment would be better on Sleep Now In The Fire but here was a lot of discussion wether living in the US was great or not. My conclusion, for some it is, for some it sucks.
  • Michael from Morris County, NjWHy are all of you guys hting on dirk? YOU say america os ahorrible place but there are a lot of places that are worse. Granted, BUsh is a horrible person but this is a great country. I don't know why you aren't happy, but if since you don't like America then just move. And people talk about propaganda and stuff, all of RATM's songs are propaganda genius!
  • Sam from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, -Kids in Africa aren't forced to go to school. School is considered a great privilege there and kids are anxious to go. The fact is that people are generally curious and want to learn. The problem now, is that you can learn much better on your own than you can in school because most teachers are out for nothing more than a paycheck.
  • Sam from Cambridge, CanadaIts not even just america, i mean they're probably the worst for it, but i know that we're fed that propaganda crap too. just too a lesser extent.
  • Doug from Balintore, Scotlandive gotta say - im sure there are many better places to live than america, Dirk. America has an idiot for a president for example he said "The problem with the French is they don't have a word for entrepreneur." and generally america has a lot of guns, violence etc.
  • Grant from Portland, OrThis country is monetarily great, but spiritually bankrupt. This song points out that the sterilisation of the new minds of America is integral in the pursuit of the vision of a neo-liberal globalized front that will build itself upon the ruins of the natives of this wonderful land; much like Cortes built his royal palace on the ruins of a great Aztec site of worship in Cuernavaca Mexico. The education of our kids by leaders inspired by REAL HISTORY and not HIS-STORY is a must, and this song exemplifies that.
  • Dirk from St.pete, FlWhy shouldn't we glorify our country Jake? Our country is great. I can't believe these creeps actually have a following. Anyone that thinks this country is bad hasn't been to other countries.
  • Kieran from Essex, England'the teacher stands in front of the class' is a great part, this song as it makes you realise that any teacher could easily make a child believe the kind of propaganda that ratm is against
  • Dave from New York, Nygood revolutionary song..."our democracy has been hi-jacked"
  • Cas from Chicago, IlThe "teacher stands in front of the class" portion of the song pretty much sums up the message here. It is ironic, however, that they chose to use lines like "gotta get it together then, like the mother f*ckin' Weathermen". For those that don't know, the Weather Underground (a.k.a. Weathermen) was a US based guerilla faction that used bombings in the Chicago area to spread their political message in the late 60's and early 70's. One of their leaders (a member of the FBI's 10 most wanted list of the time) was William Ayers. After a decade long manhunt, Ayers turned himself in, however, all charges where dropped due to "extreme governmental misconduct" on behalf of the FBI. William, or Bill, Ayers is now a very well respected professor of politics at the University of Illinois. There was much debate regarding Ayers and his wife, a law professor at Northwestern, after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Parents of students from both schools called for their jobs, citing their previous terrorist involvement. Although I'm sure that education at the level in which these professors teach isn't what this song is pointing at, I've always found it interesting that the organization Rage suggests we "get it together" like was actually a part of the education system the band was speaking out against. Nonetheless, to call this a great song is a true understatement.
  • Jake from Scottsdale, Azthis song makes statements about how the school systems in america tell lies to young students that glorify our country.
  • Jamie Jay from West Oxfordshire, EnglandI like the part when it says 'the teacher stands in front of the class' and Brad does something on a cow bell like at the start of 'Killing in the name.'
  • Billy Ross from Hagerstown, MdNext to Township Rebellion, this is my favorite song on this cd
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