• This song is likely about drugs. "Adios" is Spanish for "Goodbye," but the lyrics are in German. Here's some translation, indicating the subject is taking heroin, and that an objective viewer can see that drugs take your life:
    Er legt die Nadel auf die Ader
    und bittet die Musik herein
    zwischen Hals und Unterarm
    die Melodie fährt leise ins Gebein

    He aims the needle on the blood-vessel
    and asks the music to come in
    between neck and forearm
    the melody drives into the bones

    Nichts ist für dich
    nichts war für dich
    nichts bleibt für dich
    für immer

    Nothing is for you
    nothing was for you
    nothing remains for you
    Suggestion credit:
    André - Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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  • Alexei from Snezhinsk, Russia FederationI think the sense is deeper. To mу opinion, they wanted to say, that music is as much powerful as a drug. It can even kill. And the lines

    Nichts ist für dich
    nichts war für dich
    nichts bleibt für dich
    für immer

    show that the lyrical hero is in a such great addiction, that everything gets lost when he is under the influence of music
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