I Remember You

Album: Leave Home (1977)


  • The first track on the second Ramones album, this nostalgic love song was written by lead singer Joey Ramone. It's one of the more easygoing efforts from the band, which typically played at a torrential pace.
  • Compared to the songs on the first Ramones album, which cost a little over $6000 to make, this track shows a great deal of polish, as their sound was clearly evolving. Guitarist Johnny Ramone explained: "We recorded them in the order they were written; we wanted to show a slight progression in song structure."

    While you're remembering Joey Ramone, you have to remember the iconic black leather jacket. He attributed the influence for his fashion choice to the 1953 biker flick The Wild One, where Marlon Brando wears one in his role as Johnny Strabler.
  • U2 played this in concert from time to time after Joey Ramone died in 2001. It is known that the last song Joey Ramone listened to was U2's "In A Little While."

    Bono said while he wrote "In A Little While" about a hangover, when he found out how much it meant to Joey Ramone, he began to think of it as a religious song.

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  • Core from Athens, PaAt the Warped Tour in Scranton on 7/27/08, Street Dogs stopped in a middle of a song and asked who had heard of the Ramones, at which time they stated there would be no Warped Tour without the Ramones, and started a chant with a slowed down version of this song.
  • Rodrigo from Somewhere In, --Great Song. The song was written by Joey Ramone, although in the album says written by Ramones.
  • Maya from San Francisco-ish, CaI love this song. The lyrics are so true, too.
  • Mariah from Miami, FlI love this song... It's so soft and gentle. GO RAMONES!
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