Stone Rollin'

Album: Stone Rollin' (2011)
  • This is the title track from American soul musician Raphael Saadiq's fifth studio album. Recorded at his studio complex, the Blakeslee Recording Company in Los Angeles, the all round instrumentalist clever clogs played bass, mellotron, keys, guitar, percussion and even drums on most of the tracks. "I've been rolling dice my entire career, taking risk my whole life, and still doing so. I'm Stone Rolling once again,'" Saadiq told Vibe magazine.
  • Saadiq told Spinner he sees this as a "signature type of song." He explained: "It just has a nice mid-tempo. It's bluesy. It's strong in every right. The drums are simple. The vocals are simple. It's stable, with this repeating guitar line I think people will be able to grab."
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