The Mechanic

  • This Jaren Johnston and Tony Lane penned song finds Gary LeVox crooning over sparse instrumentation. Jay DeMarcus told Billboard magazine he found the song during a late-night pitch meeting with songwriter Sara Johnson. "She said 'I'm going to throw something out there to you. I'm kind of nervous about this, but it's one of my favorite lyrics that I've heard in a long, long time.' She played the song for me, and I was immediately mesmerized and blown away by the lyric. You can hear Tony Lane's handiwork all over that song, and Jaren Johnston co-wrote it too."

    "It was one of those times, and it's only happened a few times, like 'Bless The Broken Road,' 'I'm Movin' On,' and a few things like that, where we all three huddled around the speakers listening to a song, and were speechless," DeMarcus added. "It was a no brainer, and something we felt like we could sink our teeth into. When you've got a singer like Gary who believes in the lyric like that, and he delivers it that way, it's spectacular."


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