Round And Round
by Ratt

Album: Out Of The Cellar (1984)
Charted: 12
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  • "Round and Round" was Ratt's biggest hit, and one of only two Top 40 hits for the group in the US (the other was "Lay It Down," which reached #40 in 1985). The song was written by the group's lead singer Stephen Pearcy and their guitarists Robbin Crosby and Warren DeMartini. It finds Pearcy singing about a woman who broke his heart. The singer believes, however, that things will work out in the end, as what comes around goes around.
  • A girl mutates from human form to rodent form in the video, which features an unlikely cameo: Milton Berle's nephew was the band's manager (Marshall Berle), and he got Milton to appear in the video (free of charge) dressed as a woman.

    In the book MTV Ruled the World - The Early Years of Music Video, Warren DeMartini confides the thrill of doing this video: "Milton Berle was the first icon I think any of us had ever met. It was a really cool thing. He was really the first guy to ever have a variety show on TV, and he was a cool person to listen to, because he made his career the same way that he knew that we were going to, which is to get on the road. Because prior to TV, it was just Vaudeville. He was telling us stories and talking about those days, when him and other comedians of the period would get on a train, travel all night, you know, middle America. Raining, cold, get into a hotel, get up in the morning, set it all up, do the show, and then move on. What he described was great, but it was tough."
  • The vixen in the video is Lisa Dean, who a few years later played the title-girl in Michael Jackson's Dirty Diana clip.
  • Out Of The Cellar was Ratt's first full-length album, and it sold over 3 million copies. They are best-known for this song, but they developed an ardent fan base and racked up impressive sales: their next three albums each sold over a million copies. The group took some time off in the '90s, but has recorded and performed sporadically since. In 2002, their original guitarist Robbin Crosby, while diagnosed HIV positive, died of a heroin overdose - not AIDS as was sometimes reported. He also had significant health issues stemming from pancreatic failure which caused rapid weight gain.
  • The song soundtracks Geico Insurance's 2020 Ratt problem commercial, which shows a married couple praising their new home. However, they do have a small Ratt issue…
  • This was used on Stranger Things in the season 2 episode "The Spy." Billy plays the tune on full blast while he's working out.

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  • Ratt Fan Suzanne from Toronto Ontario CanadaWould really love to know if the jewels used were real or fake
  • Nephilim2038People claiming that the phrase should be “what goes around comes around” … yes, that is a popular version the phrase. But if you reverse it … what comes around goes around … it sounds more threatening, like there’s going to be payback soon. No wonder Ratt phrased it that way.
  • Jim from UsaReply to Mark: I think Ratt either had a reverse psychology angle or made a lyrics blunder with "what comes around goes around." The normal phrasing means what you do to others (i.e. making something go around) will come back around to haunt you. The Ratt version seems to put the cart before the horse, but could make sense because it's "round and round."
  • Stukka63 from St.augustine, Fla.Back when the music was secondary to the video.
    Butt I’ve always loved this song.
  • Mark from Colorado Springs, CoKarma: What Comes Around Goes Around....I believe THIS is the way it is properly said and yet a page on Facebook is titled "Wht Goes Around Comes Around."
  • Chris from Boston, MaThey don't make music like this anymore, Ratt created some of the best metal songs ever, the true esscence of classic hair metal. This was there biggest hit but it's not among my fav. Ratt songs. Also, I agree that this was also classic MTV and these videos were like minni movies, I think their Videos played a big part of their popularity since this was a new concept at the time.
  • Timothy from Aston, PaMy all-time favorite song by Ratt is "You're In Love", with the cool opening line "You take the midnight subway train...You're calling all the shots...You're struck by lightning...You're in love"! Many times when I would visit New York City, that song would be stuck in my head, especially when I'm riding the subways!
  • Mark from Tucson, AzWarren is one of the tastiest guitar players of all time, even when they floated too far back in the mix. All thiose skinny kids, with spider fingers, playing since age 3 where phenomenal, fast, and quick learners back in the eighties. It reminds me of todays young heavy bands, very advanced for their age, and a testamnet to youth carrying on, whether on bikes, drums, skateboards or guitars, they improve from seeing and believing, and everything they see is advancing, if not in virtuosity on one instrument, then as a whole group. Anyone today, who would study Warren's guitar technique, and could see past the common glam packaging of the time, would learn a lot about playing clean, fast, tonaly punchy, and with musical sense... Just the opposite of me, lol
    Everyone in a way, knocks the self indulgent, glammed eighties, but for me it led the way to Bakerfield Thrash metal, Z_Rock, and Metallica, and the it was amazing seeing truly tight young bands playing in the cutting edge style of the day, it moved music forward, even if it rebelled from the clarity, for the heroine amber timbre of grunge, which was dead before it started, but is still a great "genre", and even Soundgarden, in rebellion from glam, was a heavy metal act with a psychedic, cryptic, satanist bend, that took it to heights that only preference appreciates, but I haven't seen as deep a band in quite a few moons... It's all the same to me though, label me, I won't label you...
  • Mark from Tucson, AzWanted man, shot at "Old Tucson Studios" in Tucson, Arizona. The band did a video contest and a few local girls were picked, such as farmer's ho, who left him for a coke jockey at Cowboys, an eighties Glam Dive at Walmart scale, in Tucson. OK, it's not going to make Trivial Pursuit, yet it is for those of us smart enough, or lucky, to retain a few neural marbles...
  • Mark from Tucson, AzThis is a multi recording multi-platinum band that rode out a lot of hollywood comers in the day, and just released a new album/cd in April 2010, going number 5 on the japanese charts. From the house town of now digjelly for promo purposes in the former. Ratt have filled in Robbin's former position with Quiet Riot next axe Carlos Cavazos, so all said and done, this band is far far from a one hit wonder. Maybe Five Man Electrical Band is who you are talking about, lol... No offense, some one hit's become useful for many bands
  • Todd from Okc, OkAutumn, Crosby DID die from AIDS which he contracted from a dirty needle because he was strung out on heroin. And yes, he was believed to be clean when he died.
    That said, RATT was cool. Excellent guitar work.
  • Tom from Cleveland, OhRatt singer Stephen Pearcy contibuted the track "Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer" on Eagle Records' 2008 Christmas compilation - "We Wish You A Merry Xmas and A Headbanging New Year" The track also featured Billy Sheehan and Greg Bissonette...
  • Autumn from Suffragette City, MiActually, Robin Crosby did not die of AIDS. He struggled with a life long addiction to heroin, & believes he used a dirty needle that he thought was clean at the time.
  • Jeff from Milton, CanadaDefinately not Ratt's only hit. Check out some of the songs Back for More, lay it Down, Top Secret, One Step Away.... or the Albums Invasion of your Privacy, Out of the Cellar, or Detonator!
  • Max from Laconia, NhStephen Pearcy has some sweet hair in the video. Go 80's!!
  • Billy from A Place, Algreat song. round and round was featured on the end credits for the Christmas episode of the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. it was also listed as one of the songs for Guitar Hero 80's edition
  • Jeff from St. Louis, MoThis wasn't Ratt's only hit, are you kidding me? They had other great hits such as Back Fore More, Lay It Down, and Lack of Communication
  • Stitz from Marlton, Njthe girl on the cover of Ratt's first album crawling around the trap door was none other than Tawney Kitaen
  • Mike from Warwick, Riactually Billy, it says - dnuor dna dnuor - which I think is French for Paul is the Walrus.
  • Michael from Tasmaniaa great song, really love the filmclip
    also like Lay It Downs filmclip and Way Cool Jr and Your In Love
    Ratt were a great band, really grasped onto what life was like in the 80's, much like my favourite band Def Leppard, also bands like Motley Crue and Cinderella and Skid Row,
    but Ratt had such a great sound, and all of there songs were catchy and you could easily learn the words and sing along
  • Myrna Maria from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, United StatesThis ultra great Ratt classic is featured in one of the scenes of an episode of the new series "Supernatural" of the WB. It comes out when the two stars are reaching one of the main spots that they visit to solve that ocassion´s mystery, when they are driving their black Cadillac convertible.
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InI think Ratt had many great songs, maybe not chart toppers, but I always like their stuff. This video was during the MTV hay day for sure. It got played every hour on the hour along with Scorpions "Rock You Like a Hurricane", Def Leppards "Photograph" and any other hard rock act that was getting big. I miss those days.
  • Gregg from Jacksonville, FlActually, "Lay It Down" made it to number 40 in 1985, which "technically" makes it a "hit".
  • Billy from Seminole, Flif u play the words round and round backwards it still says round and round
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