Let's Get Lost

Album: Beyond Time (2003)
  • This solo effort from Asleep at the Wheel lead singer Ray Benson finds him plotting a romantic trip with his leading lady where the intention is to get lost.

    Benson wrote the song with Willie Nelson. "We were on his bus and I told him I had an idea for a song and started messing around and he started messing around on the guitar and he wrote the music while I f--ked around on it," Benson told us. "Then I went and finished the words - he didn't even write the words to that, which is the opposite of a Willie Nelson song. But he had done something funny on the guitar and went, 'Oh, that's really cool if I do this,' and then we smoked a bunch of dope and he forgot about it."
  • This song has a jazz feel far different from Benson's sound with Asleep at the Wheel. "Jazz is the highest form of songwriting," he told us.


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