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Album: single release only (2011)
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  • Teen singer Rebecca Black decided to forgo the pay-and-receive video production company Ark Music Factory for her second video single. Instead she, or more likely her management, enlisted producer Charlton Pettus (Hilary Duff) and writers Brandon "Blue" Hamilton (Justin Bieber) and Quinton Tolbert to craft her follow-up to her "much ridiculed weekend anthem." The song features "real" moments in Black's life, including her last day at junior high and her rise to stardom. "It's a fairytale story, but it happened in real life," said her management.
  • Black explained why she decided to release an inspiration track as a follow-up to "Friday." "The song was written for me," she told MTV News. "And it really fit what was going on and all of the bully and hate topic is in right now with songs, and so it fit that as well. It's a very inspiring song.

    Again, I wanted people to able to take me seriously because I felt like this would be the right thing to do," she added. "I wanted to start building what could be a really great career, but this industry, it's so unpredictable: You could be the big thing for a month or four months, and then kind of fall off the face of the planet. And I felt my whole team kind of felt like it was a great way to put me here for an amount of time."
  • The song's music video takes fans behind the scenes, giving them a taste of what life has been like for Black since her rise to fame. The studio used in the clip is the same location as where Michael Jackson and co recorded "We Are The World."

    Black is seen dancing in the video, which also features Robert Roldan and Kent Boyd from the hit Fox show So You Think You Can Dance.
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  • Rodger from Frontenac, MoI like this's got a kind of Star Trek feel to it.
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