Drunk Again

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  • This is about a breakup. The guy doesn't feel too good about it, he drinks his sorrows away. It seems as if he guessed wrong about their relationship, and she hurt him. He doesn't want to be hurt by it, but is anyway. He afraid of being drunk and without a girlfriend.
  • Trumpet player Scott Klopfenstein sang lead on this instead of the group's usual lead singer, Aaron Barrett. >>
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    Meg - Worcester, MA, for above 2
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  • Jeni from Belfast, IrelandHa, way to make the whole "english think they're better than everyone else" thing even stronger, Luke lmao. Btw I dont think that of the english but if you're going to throw sterotypes in Frances' face, I'll through them right back in yours.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandI meant Frances
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandWay to make the irish=thick stereotype even stronger Francis
  • Frances from Tipperary, Irelandil luv reel big fish evn if dey do put out a couple of (deleted) songs,which dey havnt so hooray 4 dem"":D
  • Mercury Chou from Montreal, Canadamusic holder. in a basin,green out and bloody shocks
  • Brad from Gainesville, FlI agree with Kristen. There are many great reel big fish songs that I'd love to hear about. For example: Where Have You Been, Good Thing, She Has a Girlfriend Now, Sell Out, etc.
  • Kristen from Campbellville, CanadaI luv reel big fish but c'mon ppl this is not 1 of ther best hits. And Scott usually does back up anywayz, so its not that wierd that he'd sing a song. Hes a really good singer
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