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  • On this track Spektor compares a failed relationship to forgetting the lyrics of one's favorite song.
  • Spektor is well known for using her voice as an instrument to harmonize different sounds, and this song's title reflects that. Entertainment Weekly asked her if these vocal inflections are just something she does naturally? She replied: "Yeah, I sing and hum so much in life. When I'm left to be on my own, I just go f---ing nuts. If someone would be listening at the door, they would think there are 30 different people in the room. I love finding sounds, and finding where you feel it. Sometimes you feel it more in your throat, sometimes in your nose. It's coming out of your actual body, which is the weirdest instrument of all. Most of the time I end up messing around and looking for new things. It's almost like when you go back to the same books all the time, and you're constantly reading through but you get to find that one sentence that it's like you've read it for the first time. I think that's what happens with voices and instruments."
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  • Alina from Dallas, TxWhen people still used typewriters the "backspace" button was called eet. The eet button did not erase the mistake, rather it went back to the spot that the letter occupied and allowed you to type another letter over the previous one.
    This song is about wishing that there was a eet button for life
  • Mikki from Pine Bluff, ArThis song is so peaceful and has a child like feel. It brings me warmth and I just love it ! ~It'x Mikki Kid~
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