Album: Single Release Only (2014)
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  • Sambora debuted this song at an event aimed at raising awareness about the abuse of heroin and prescription painkillers along the Jersey shore. Speaking to reporters before the event, the Bon Jovi guitarist acknowledged he once abused drugs but said he's clean now. "I got firsthand experience," he said. "I never did heroin, but obviously I did other stuff."
  • Sambora originally titled the song "Needles On The Shore" before deciding to change the name. "I wanted to do something optimistic, a beacon of light and hope," the Associated Press reports him saying. "Everyone needs that light when they're far off the shore."
  • The lyrics include:

    Those who matter don't judge
    When you're swimming with the tide in the wake of a flood.

    Sambora told the crowd at the event. "I'm mostly here as the father of a 16-year-old girl. I'm scared. But we can't be scared silent. Together we can make a difference because this epidemic has to stop."
  • Proceeds from the single release went toward a drug treatment facility envisioned for the region.
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