Mafia Music

Album: Deeper Than Rap (2009)
  • On this song, Ross namechecks a number of artists, including 50 Cent, T.I. Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. The Miami rapper warned MTV News that the tune, "is gonna cause a lot of problems." He explained: "It's a scathing four-and-half-minute nonstop flow, me being autobiographical about my life and my come-up and my triumph. Of course, I had to address a few things, I had to address a few people. I love it. The thing is, some people are gonna be gonna be f---ed up. That's the best way I can put it."
  • The lyric "I love to pay ya bills, can't wait to pay ya rent/ Curtis Jackson baby mama, I ain't looking for a cent/ Burn the house down," refers to a suspicious fire in May 2008 at a home owned by 50 Cent. The New York rapper's ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins was living there at the time and the house was at the center of a lawsuit between the couple. When this track leaked onto the Internet in January 2009, it sparked a feud between Ross and 50.


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