Stick It Out

Album: single release only (1993)
Charted: 4


  • This ambiguously raunchy song was released as a single to benefit the Comic Relief charity. As part of the charity's fundraising efforts, folks were encouraged to do various challenges, so when Right Said Fred were asked to contribute a song, they came up with this one, ostensibly about "sticking it out" to complete the challenges.

    Of course, the phrase can have a far more prurient meaning, which is played up in lyrics like "from the top of a tall erection, you can hear a shout in your direction: Stick it out."

    Right Said Fred goes for humor on their songs, which is evident on this one. In our interview with their frontman Richard Fairbrass, he said: "If we're not laughing, then we know it's usually not very good."
  • Proceeds from this song were given to the Comic Relief charity. A handful of British celebrities contributed vocals on the track to help the cause. Appearing were: Alan Freeman, Sir Basil Brush, Bernard Cribbins (his song "Right, Said Fred" provided the group's name), Clive Anderson, Hugh Laurie, Linda Robson, Pauline Quirke, Peter Cook and Steve Coogan. Jools Holland played piano.


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