Help Is On The Way

Album: Endgame (2011)
Charted: 89


  • This amped-up rocker is the first single from American pop punk band Rise Against's sixth studio album, Endgame. The album deals with "the end of humankind as we know it," with lyrics that, as usual, address world events and politics. "Every day, there's news about our financial system or the environment collapsing or stories about nuclear proliferation," front man Tim McIlrath told Spin magazine. "We're living under this black cloud of doom — everything's spiraling out of control. The record is about all that."

    The singer added: "We're looking at Endgame from the perspective of, What if this is a good thing? What if this grotesque world we created doesn't deserve to go on? What if the place on the other of this transition is place we'd all rather be living in?"
  • This song details the destruction wreaked upon New Orleans after Katrina and the BP oil disaster. McIlrath was inspired to pen the tune after spending time in the city while the band was on break from touring. "I was down in those wetlands with a guy talking about how important they were and the damage that was being inflicted on them," he explained to Spin magazine. "And this was right before the oil spill! I could almost visualize a tear coming out of that guy's eye, like, 'Are you kidding me? Kicking us while we're down?'"
  • Lead guitarist Zach Blair told the song is a response to people moving on from Hurricane Katrina to the next news item. He said: "For an event like Katrina, there was quite a bit of help and aid, but we also believe there wasn't enough. It's just like any other major thing we should be paying attention to, the second Kim Kardashian trips, it's in the news and nobody is paying attention to a real news story anymore. We're just trying to say, 'While your short attention span is taking you to another place, this is still going on.'"
  • The Alan Ferguson directed video was filmed in New Orleans and shows the effects of Hurricane Katrina through the eyes of a family. "As a band, we opted out of being a part of the piece for fear our role might diminish the importance of this video and skew its reception," said Rise Against.

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  • Jacob from Versailles, Oh@Matt - If you look at the lyrics one verse says:
    "We were told just to sit tight,'Cause somebody will soon arrive. Help is on the way. But it never came!"
    Basically, 'Help is on the Way' is a reference to what the victims of Katrina were repeatedly told. Unfortunately, the response was sorely lacking. Rise Against is very big on activism and cover many racial/social/political issues. I urge you to watch the music video for this song. It will be pretty easy to understand the meanings after viewing. I really like that the band itself did not appear in the video, it was an incredibly moving and well filmed piece.
  • Matt from Yarrawonga, AustraliaI listen to the song but i wanna know Why is the song called Help is on the way and why does Tim Mcllrath sing the song
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