We're All Alone

Album: Anytime, Anywhere (1977)
Charted: 6 7


  • Rita Coolidge was married to Kris Kristofferson when she had an international hit with this song. In contrast to her other cover that year, "(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher," this cover stuck close to the original. >>
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    Mike - Santa Barbara, CA
  • This was written by Boz Scaggs, who originally recorded it for his 1976 album Silk Degrees.
  • Other artists to record this song include Bob James, Johnny Mathis, Linda Eder, Engelbert Humperdinck and Lesley Gore.

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  • Shahrul from MalaysiaI listen to both Boz Scaggs (especially live version) and Rita Coolidge singing this wonderful alluring song.
    Both sounded great and i think the song manifest itself by making anyone who sings it will sing it with such passion.
    That's what makes Boz Scaggs one of the great singer songwriter that he is today and forever in history of contemporary music.
    I don't listen to his music often enough but i just think he's that special.
    Btw, with a name like that you must be one of a kind... :)
  • Anthony from Denver, ColoradoBoz has a jazzy, soulful sound to his voice that makes him unique. I LOVE his live version. He also exhibits a lot more passion than Rita when he sings it, so it obviously has personal/emotional meaning to him. Put it this way... you can tell who wrote it! I just can't believe it didn't receive recognition when it came out on his album. Whether he decided to release it as a single, or not. A good song is a good song!!!!! And this one is absolutely beautiful. It's up to the fans, or radio DJ's to popularize songs, because artist's don't plan on releasing EVERY song as a single. How else would albums like "The Stranger", " Rumors", "Thriller", or "Rubber Soul" have become so iconic? I'm glad Rita DID record it, though, because this one didn't deserve to be overlooked.

  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn September 11th 1977, "We're All Alone" by Rita Coolidge entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #78; and on November 20th, 1977 it peaked at #7 {for 4 weeks} and spent 20 weeks on the Top 100...
    And on November 6th, 1977 it reached #1 {for 1 week} on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Tracks chart...
    Between 1969 and 1983 she had twelve Top 100 records; two made the Top 10, her other Top 10 record was "(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher", it peaked at #2 {for 1 week} on September 4th, 1977 {the week before “We’re All Alone” entered the Top 100}...
    The week "Higher and Higher" was at #2 on the Top 100, the #1 record for that week was "Best of My Love" by the Emotions...
    Ms. Coolidge will celebrate her 70th birthday come next May 1st {2015}.
  • Brent from Denair, CaI lean towards Boz's version but both are beautiful. I say Boz because I saw him in concert in Nor Cal in a small venue and he sang this with an absolute passion.
  • James from Buffalo, NyThis song was credited as having been written by Boz Scaggs; although Boz did write most of the lyrics he bought the actual music and rights from David Paich (keyboardist) who he collaborated with on most of the songs on Boz's Silk Degrees Album released in 1976. David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Porcaro, and David Hungate who were most of the backing musicians on that album eventually became the band Toto. Although Silk Degrees yielded top 40 hits such as "Lowdown" and "Lido Shuffle" - "We're All Alone" didn't chart, it wasn't released as a single. Rita ended up recording it a year later in 1977 and it became a top ten hit for her.
  • Ariomazda from Surabaya, IndonesiaFrankly, this is definitely the best love song ever written. Deep and meaningful lyrics, mood swinging and catchy melody. "We're All Alone" has got what it takes to be a great song.
  • Jennifer from Grandblanc, MiI've loved this song since I was a child.So It's about a broken heart.
  • Sara from Silver Spring, MdRita Coolidge was a backing singer for Boz Scaggs at one time. She also recorded his "Slow Dancer" which appears on his 1974 album of the same name.
    She also sang this on the Muppet Show
    when she was appearing with Kris.
  • Mike from Norwalk, CtBoz Scaggs version is way way better! Much more feeling in it not to mention the original author of the song.
  • Julie from Midland, MiI agree with Joe, I prefer Boz...
  • Joe from Tobyhanna, PaInteresting. I fundamentally disagreee with Drew. Coolidge's is smooth and enjoyable, but lacks something vital. Boz's vocal performance doesn't quite match hers, but he infuses it with a spirit that only its writer could. I'll take it over Rita's.
  • Miles from Washington Dc, United StatesIs this little more than a moment when a friend comforts a friend over a broken heart?
  • Jane from Austin, TxI agree.
  • Drew from Bloomfield, NyI always thought Coolidge's version was superior to the original version by Scaggs. Don't get me wrong, Boz Scaggs is a good singer, but even though he wrote the song, it wasn't the best one for him to sing. Rita Coolidge really made it sound as her own, wonderful ballad.
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