All That I Want

Album: Take The Crown (2012)
  • Williams penned this uptempo love song with the Australian songwriting pair of Flynn Francis and Tim Metcalfe who comprise the Undercolours. The singer described in a video uploaded to his official YouTube channel how after meeting and working with the Undercolours, he managed to complete Take The Crown, "within eight days." "I took a busman's holiday, if you like, and took a break from my career," said Williams. "[It] re-energised me in many, many ways. "My brother in law - who's in a rap combo called The Connects - his music got 40% better overnight and I said, 'What's going on?' He said: 'We met these guys in a bar, these Australian guys, and they produce and write songs.' I said to him: 'Well, get them up to the house,' and within eight days, we'd written the album."


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