Rod Stewart

Jan. 10, 1945

Rod Stewart Artistfacts

  • When MTV launched in 1981, they didn't have many videos available because most American artists didn't make them (Devo is a notable exception). Stewart had already made several videos, and he gained significant exposure on the fledgling network.
  • Stewart had to re-train his voice after having a cancerous lump removed from his throat in 2000. He could not sing for six months, but made a full recovery.
  • He has a history of blond wives and girlfriends, including Britt Eckland, Alana Hamilton (ex-wife of George Hamilton), Kelly Emberg, Rachel Hunter and Penny Lancaster. He was married to Hamilton, Hunter and Lancaster.
  • Rod is an excellent soccer player and a famously big supporter of the Glasgow, Scotland football team, Celtic. He would kick a ball into the audience at many of his concerts. >>
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  • In 1994 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He skipped the ceremony because an earthquake hit his Los Angeles home three days earlier and he did not want to leave his family.
  • Rod Stewart once worked as a gravedigger at High Gate Cemetery, which is designated on the English Heritage Register of Parks and Garden of Special Historic Interest.
  • Rod issued his first single in 1964 under his own name - a version of Muddy Waters' "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl." He went on to join Steampacket (which contained Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood and Brian Auger) in 1965, then the Jeff Beck Group. >>
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  • He was in a group called Shotgun Express with Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood, who would go on to form Fleetwood Mac.
  • Stewart and Ron Wood were brought in to the Small Faces in 1969 to replace Steve Marriott, who had just left the band. The Small Faces dropped the "Small" and became the Faces. Ron Wood left to join the Rolling Stones in 1976; Rod Stewart concentrated on his already much more successful solo career. >>
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  • His daughter Kimberly is a notable fashion designer and model. She had a daughter, Delilah, with the actor Benicio del Toro in 2011.
  • He moved to Los Angeles in 1975 to avoid paying taxes in England.
  • He had his sixth child in 2005 at age 60. His fiancee, Penny Lancaster, was 34.
  • In a 2008 Esquire interview, Steven Van Zandt said: "I remember a kid running into band rehearsal one day, in '68 or so, and saying, You're not gonna believe this, but Rod Stewart is white! We said, Get outta here. We didn't believe him. There was just not that many places you could se pictures of people. There wasn't MTV and we never heard any white person sing like that. We knew he was black."
  • Rod Stewart has 1,500 square feet of model railway track set up on the the third floor of his home in Los Angeles. It is about the size of ten average bedrooms.
  • In the late '90s, he stopped writing songs, saying he was finished as a lyricist. In 2013, he reneged, releasing an album of original songs - many very personal - called Time.
  • Rod Stewart got the goosebumps after a private jet carrying him was forced to make an emergency landing in Gothenburg, Sweden with an engine shut down. The problem had been caused by a goose being sucked into one of its two engines. The pop star said: "It was bloody scary. We landed safely amid the unpleasant aroma of a roast goose dinner."
  • Rod Stewart once had a job as a screen printer designing wallpaper. When his bosses discovered he was color blind, he was laid off.
  • Rod Stewart's orchestral rework collection You're In My Heart topped the UK albums chart on December 15, 2019. At 74 years and 11 months old, the singer became the oldest male to reach #1 on the tally, taking the accolade from American singer Paul Simon. The oldest female to top the albums chart, Dame Vera Lynn, reached the summit in 2014 with Vera Lynn: National Treasure when she was 97.

    Stewart's title of the oldest male solo artist to top the chart was short-lived. At 79 years and one month old Bob Dylan became the oldest artist to top the tally when Rough And Rowdy Ways debuted at #1 on the UK album chart dated June 28, 2020.

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  • Les Perham from Perth .western AustraliaJust simply the best. Always liked his music.
  • Marilyn from New York, NyRod Stewart married Penny Lancaster on June 16, 2007 near Portofino, Italy.
  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrWouldn't it be considered a crime, because Rod Stewart is in his 60's, and Penny Lancaster is in her 30's? Either Penny or Rod would find themselves to be Jail bait!
  • Dana from Ann Arbor, MiRod Stewart is an amazing singer, and I love his songs. My favorite song of his is: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You.
  • Meghen from Navan, CanadaRod Stewart is now engaged to Penny Lancaster he proposed to her on top of the effile tower on a romantic getaway
  • Ram from Suva, OtherRod Stewart is soon to marry his girlfriend of five years, Penny Lancaster. Soon as he gets his formal divorce from Rachel Hunter, that is!
  • Christine from Chicago, IlThis rocker once said, I can sing the pants off Mick Jagger.
  • Christine from Chicago, IlIn the book, Rock Lists.. Rod Stewart made the list of rock's skinniest.
  • Don from Pittsburgh, PaJoe Bonnamassa, a blues guitar player who can shred wallpaper with his playing, did a Rod Stewart song called "Blues Deluxe" that Rod wrote when he was with the "Faces. A tremendous song. What Rod is singin now, compared to what he did back then is absolutely hideous. By the way, "Blues Deluxe" is also the name of Joe's cd.
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